Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July postcard swap

I finished my Project Spectrum July postcard swap card last night. (Phew - that's a mouthful!) I worked on it during my monthly scrapbooking meetup. I kind of broke the rules last night and brought two people with me that weren't "officially" on the list - but come on it's not a night club right?

So me and my 2 guests are sitting and scrapping with me and more and more people keep showing up. Yikes I think - they're going to notice I have two unofficial people with me! We meet monthly at Recollections on Snowden Prkwy in Columbia. It was a crazy busy night - there were two store sponsered events - a make and take and a class. There were little kids running around and old ladies spread out over three seats each - it was not the night to have 2 unofficial guests with you I can now say. Eventually as more of more of our meetup crew showed up - there was finally no more room in the inn. Two of the latecoming would be scrapbookers had to leave. Should I feel guilty about this? It is a public store and anyone is welcome to come. We don't reserve seats - just casually sign up so everyone knows who will be there. But I broke the rules - I invited and didn't post that they were coming - shame on me!

But I guess I don't really care too much - I blame the old ladies! *hehehehe*

I also did some shopping for my Flip Flop swap and boy did I find some cool stuff! I almost didn't want to send it to her - but I did. I put the box in the mail this morning. Debby - if you're reading this - I'm not going to post any pictures or major spoilers - so you can continue reading!! I will say that the things inside will tickle you pink (with green) and allow you to totally relax on the beach this summer and maybe even express your rock star glam side. If you didn't know you had a rock star side - you will after you receive your package! Those are all the clues you're getting! You'll just have to wait and see...

Anyway - after I got home - my MIL brought over the paint your own pottery dish I made last week with cousin Kelly. It turned out remarkably well if not a little too bright. But all in all I do like it. I had planned to put it on top of my cabinets - but alas - it is too big! I overshot myself and did the big platter and now it won't fit where I intended for it to go. Oh well - it will just have to actually be used for food instead of display! I can just see a big juicy plate of spagetti on it - or a big fresh salad.

ok - now I'm getting hungry.


Debby said...

Yikes, Jody, please tell me you didn't go to too much trouble!!! I am looking forward to my box, especially to the "relaxing" part! I need to visit another store or two for your box, but I'll have it out to you soon, promise.

I wouldn't worry about your two extra guests. These things happen, and if the store knows they have that much interest, they might have the courage to expand!

Lolly said...

Wow, I need to get cracking on my box! I can't believe you already sent it out :) Lucky Debby has you as a partner! Can't wait to see what you picked for her!

Best wishes,