Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Banner and Crafty Bastards haul!!

So - do you like my new banner? The awesome Nicole Seitler designed this amazing new banner for me. She was just amazing to work with - she took my ideas - and came back with a great design for a banner and a button. Thanks Nicole!

Now - on those Crafty Bastards!

Jolene and I headed down to Adams Morgan today to see the Crafty Bastards craft show. I never imagined how awesome it would be! There were over a hundred indie crafters there selling their handmade creations. I am still kicking myself for forgetting my camera. There were so many awesome things to see!!

So - I searched around flickr and found some awesome pics of my the on the links to see!

There was quite a crowd! In between the millions of people, we saw break-dancers sword dancers, balloons, a virtual shrine to Bob Ross (happy little trees!) some cool jewelry made of bolts, screws and nails and even Mr. Crafty Bastard himself!

There was tons of cool stuff that I wanted to buy - but I did restrain myself... a bit.

Here's the full haul:

All the booty from Crafty Bastards

Most of it is free stuff that I picked up.

As soon as we walked in - they were handing out these great tote bags...

Free tote bag

Perfect for carrying around all the awesome stuff!

I was excited to see Woolarina's booth and I was even more excited to see all the awesome fiber she had for sale! I got some beautiful rovings by both Woolarina and Crafty Snargle!

Here's the Woolarina roving:
Woolarina roving
Woolarina roving

And the Snargle Roving
Roving by Snargle Handpaint

Some of you may know how much I love Hurley from Lost... he's just so lovable! (I even named my dog Hurley after him) Well - when I saw this... I had to have it!

It's a Hurley bag!
The Hurley bag!
That's a real painting on there! And yes... it's fuzzy too! It's by "I love Seamonsters". Too cute!

I have been obsessing over pincushions lately for some reason and when I saw this one from The Cupcake Girls - I knew it had to come home with me...

Cute pincusion from The Cupcake Girls

As an added treat - it had these cute little pins already in it.

Another cute find were these great necklaces by pileofcrafty
Pile of Craft necklaces

Who could resist these knitting notecards...
Knitting notecards

And this sheepy coin purse from Sewing stars...
Cute sheepy wallet

with an equally cute back...
Back of Sheep wallet

Do you remember "happy little trees?" I used to love watching Bob Ross as a kid. When we came across this stand of Bob Ross stuff - I just HAD to get this notecard...
Bob Ross card

I love Bob!

And finally - there was a ton of free stuff that I picked up.


Etsy booty...

and some other free stuff
Free stuff

It was a great day!


Badecca said...

Great finds - you really scored! Thanks for the link to I Like Seamonsters - looks like they do some fun stuff. Love the pincushion too.

Coleen said...

sooooo jealous!

Lolly said...

WOW, J! you totally scored! you got some great things. I got there much later - probably around 3:30, and hung out with Paula and Sarah for awhile. I didn't buy much, and it was better that way. (I bought a TON last year!)

Sorry we missed each other. It was a fun day though, wasn't it? I am glad you made it ;)

chacha / Jen said...

Love the new banner!

Looks like you found some nifty stuff at Crafty Bastards -- gorgeous roving!

Zonda said...

Nice new banner! Cool finds!!

Stacey said...

looks like you had fun!!! the roving is beautiful!!

love the new banner!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! You really scored at crafty bastards... I had planned on going but alas, school got in the way. stupid learning. NEXT year!

Theresa said...

They new banner is pretty!

Yeah happy trees! :)

Love those necklaces, so funky.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you came, but sorry I missed you! It's great that you bought some of my roving, though. I've just opened an etsy shop - right now it only has a few items, but I'm going to add more as soon as I have time to play with photographs! It's at: if you're curious!

Anonymous said...

How nifty is all of that stuff. Great finds Jody.

Amie said...

Wow - what a terrific day! Sorry I couldn't go! (I had to teach).

And I'm very impressed that my hero Bob Ross did your new banner, you know, from "the other side" (er, that is, I think your first link is wrong.)


Jenn said...

Lovely new banner!

And that pincushion is awesome! :)

Pheelya said...

Holy Stuff Batman! :) Looks like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

It's like a fabulous event with lots of fantastic stuff. Loved your haul.

Mauren Mureaux said... i miss him. I think some of his shows might still be aired, i run across them from time to soothing.

Now how in the hell did i not find out about this craft thingy? We could've gone too. Major pout!

Fabulous haul!

paula said...

it was so good to meet you - i LOVE those bags... my friend Tina makes them! (I totally am gonna buy an Office one!) Thanks for coming out!!!

Jinann said...

What a great time you must have had! I'll definitely have to check it out next time!