Sunday, September 09, 2007

I've been busy!

Hi all - it's been a while!! I've been busy. Very very busy!

I haven't posted any knitting content in a while - so.... I owe you guys a TON of pictures.

I finally got a chance to use some of my hand dyed yarn from my trip to Cape Cod. I created this crazy skein of yarn using all the leftover dyes. I just kind of dumped different colors in stripes along the skein - not really thinking about it at all. It turned out to be one of my favorite skeins. It's got orange and purple and brown and blue and all the shades in between. (It's actually perfect for Project Spectrum!)

The colors kind of remind me of space or a Nebula - so I had to find just the right socks to make with them. Along came Turtlegirl's Red Dwarf Socks. What could be better for my Nebula yarn - than Red Dwarf socks?! So - I made them! I really love how the stripes came out.

Red Dwarf Socks

Red Dwarf Socks

I had enough yarn left over for something else and the darling pattern for Saartje's Bootees was just too cute to ignore.

Saartje's bootees

I spent forever trying to find the perfect buttons for these little beauties. (Sorry ladies - I'm sure I was quite annoying!) - but I think I finally found them.

Saartje's bootees

I used another skein of my hand dyed sock yarn to try my hand at designing. I just picked a simple stitch pattern and ended up with these:

Double Eyelet Socks

I think the Double Eyelet pattern looks good with the subtle variation of my yarn.

Double Eyelet Socks

I am having trouble coming up with a name for this pattern. Maybe you can help... what should I name this pattern? Leave me a comment with your suggestion and maybe I'll give away some of my hand dyed sock yarn to the person with the best idea!

Double Eyelet Socks

I have been test knitting for my friend Jolene. I haven't been able to post about any of them until now. These are her Penelope socks.

Twenty Two over seven

I was knitting them while relaxing on the beach in Cape cod. I have finished them - but have yet to take an updated pic - oops! This pattern is a Sweet Sheep exclusive pattern. Go and buy it! - you'll love it.

Finally - I have been a bad friend! I have gotten some really cool gifties from friends and I haven't properly thanked them yet!

First up we have an amazing collection of things from the Rockin' Mama E. I took some pictures for her and she gave me these goodies!

Gifts from Mama E

Some awesome roving, a Mama E 'We Rock the Dye Pot' tote, a Mama E canvas bag, and missing from the picture - some cool hand dyed yarn (it's being wound) and a Tshirt (it's in the wash!) Thanks E!!

Next up is the talented Jolene of jmknits. Jolene's designs rock - you should check them out!! She gave me this awesome roving a while ago - before I got my wheel and I knew it had to be the first thing I spun on my new baby. It's finally all spun up, washed and ready for socks.

Hand Spun

I have about 400 yards of this stuff!! I can't wait to knit some socks with this.

Hand Spun

She also gave me these amazing rovings for taking photos of her designs for her.

Gifts from Jolene

I can't wait to spin them up!

Next is the wonderful Amie. She has been absolutely amazingly supportive and loving to John and me. She gave us both notebooks to have a place to record our questions and thoughts about John's treatment. The one she gave me has an awesome hand sewn cover. I love it!

Gift from Amie! I love me some toile!

And finally - last but not least my Cape Cod livin' friend Sarah sent me some gorgeous Crown Mountain Fiber roving in the Wild Thing colorway.

Gifted Crown Mounain Fiber - in Wild thing

I loved it so much I spun it up in less than a week! Thanks Sarah! You will always be my knitting (and spinning) twin!!

Did I ever tell you that I have the best friends ever!!!??? Thanks ladies!


Anonymous said...

Nah... we suck!
Love you!

Coleen said...

those buttons are perfect! And you weren't a pain at all. I love your sock pattern - very pretty. I think you should call it "Popsicle." The color reminds me of grape popsicles and besides, popsicle is a fun word!

chacha said...

LOVE the 'Javajem original' socks! You'll have to bring at least some of this stuff tomorrow night for us to ooh and ahh at. :)

tinkknitz said...

Toe Jammin' Socks.

Think about it. It'll sink in and make you laugh. Or Grape Jammin' Socks. They really do remind me of my grandmother's grape jam smeared on butter bread - she made it from the grapes in her back yard.

Google says there aren't any sock patterns called that yet. Lovely pattern!

bySarah said...

Wow, punky-brewester...all grown up looks AWESOME!!! And your booties are SO SWEET.

Glad you liked the CMF. It spun up beautifully!

Miss you!

Jolene said...

I love the buttons you picked!
I think the name of the sock should be a name of the ghost in pacman (Blinky, Pinky, Inky or Clyde).

Stacey said...

all that yarny goodness! what great buds! I think the lace pattern in the socks looks like tulips "Tulip Lace" maybe?

Looks like you have plenty of yarn and fiber to keep your fingers busy for a while!

Dani said...

Love your gifts - having friends who "get you" makes life so much more bearable!

The socks are wonderful! I think it is the combo of the color and the pattern but they made me think "English Breakfast". No matter what you name them, they turned out great!

Pheelya said...

Love the Red Dwarf socks! I have those on my "to knit" list. Of course, I think it's have to find reruns or see if that show is out on DVD and rent it so I can knit my Red Dwarfs while watching red Dwarf!

Love the button you chose for the booties!! too Cute!!

ruth said...

Love the Red Dwarf socks! The colours are perfect.

I'd call your sock pattern "The eyes have it" because of the eyelets -get it, sorry, I'm a sad case. They look amazing!

Thanks for the links to the booties and the RDS I'm off to download them both now.

Jenn said...

The booties are SOOOOO cute!

As for your pattern, I would call it Clematis. The color loos like the flowers, and the pattern looks like the vines growing up my trees!

I owe you an email too..... gotta get on that!

turtlegirl76 said...

"Tweetie Toes" or something to do with birds. It looks like the footprints of a birdie. =) Either way, it's a great pattern!

LOVE the Red Dwarf! I'm so glad to see you liked making them! They look great!

GingerPyeJackson said...

Hey you, Nice socks! Give Mr. Java a squeeze from NYC.

Amie said...

I'm with Jolene. Pac-Man all the way, baby!

Theresa said...

The booties are tooo cute! And I really love your sock pattern. It does work really nicely with the yarn. Can't wait to see what the winning name is.

Heather said...

Love the booties...I have to put those on my Knit List!

As for the sock pattern I love the eyelet with a little cable. and the yarn is lovely....Maybe the name should be named after a flower that blooms in September Like "Autum Fire" here is a link to the flower picture they are even the color of the yarn you used.

MsJoanie said...

Um, so those pink socks are for me, right?