Saturday, September 29, 2007

A bit of weekend fun!

I found this awesome site on Sunshine Creation's blog and had to play along.

J A Vincircle.jpg A J E M

What does your name look like? Click here to find out.


laura said...

cute, I might steal this for a post while I am gone on vacation.

Also, I totally forgot I was bringing Javaman some shea butter at spinning and flaked off to get ready for vacation. I'll try to arrange to meet up with you after we get back. :)

AllyB said...

Hey! I went and got a sign and it is very cool! Thanks for the tip.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm such a copycat. I saw your post and ran and tried it with my own name!! LOL. Guess what? I've actually done some knitting. Let's get together soon.

danielle said...

that's so fun. thanks for sharing. i might use the flickr letters of my blog name as a new banner.