Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And the winner is....

Happy Halloween everyone!

I didn't plan it this way - but it works out quite well. This is my 100th post!!

And you know what that means! Today I will announce the winner of my 100th post contest!


Thank you everyone for entering my contest and answering the questions I posted. I really enjoyed reading everyone's answers!

Before I announce the winner - I thought I'd get everyone's hopes up a little more by showing you all the fabulous prizes that the winner will receive!

Here are the prizes!

First and foremost - the yarn - I am including one skein of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock yarn in the Glenwood colorway.

There is also a skein of Lamb's Pride - which is great for felted bags!

Next we have some turquoise earrings - purchased at the Taos Pueblo. These were handmade by a Native American

You can read about them here:

One item from the Taos Wool festival is this Felted Wool covered soap. It shrinks (felts more) as you use it!

Another item from the Taos Wool festival is this felted pet toy. Most knitters seem to have pets (my winner does!!) - so I couldn't resist getting one!

There are also a few other prizes purchased during my travels to New mexico that I thought were cute...

A Southwestern style coaster with a lizard

A shot glass with Route 66 on it.... (I loved walking around Nob Hill)

A Mexican Coffee scented candle and hand painted ceramic tile that I got at the Sandia Mountain gift shop.

And Mexican jumping beans!! I love these little guys! You can find "bean care" directions on how to keep them happy and healthy here...

Also - if you are a worm fan - there's a very interesting article on their life cycle here (don't worry - they won't eat your yarn!)

And now for the winner!!

The selection process was highly technical ;) (I listed everyone that entered in Excel and assigned them each a number. I then asked my co-worker and fellow knitter giantsknitter to pick a number between 1 and 45. She chose 22.)



K of needle-play blog!!!

You win!!

After reading your latest blog entry - it looks like this may be right in time for a birthday - so Happy Birthday too!!

K - please email me at javajem at yahoo dot com and give me your address and I'll get your prizes right out to you!

Congratulations again and thanks everyone for entering!


R a i n said...

Congratulations K.

That is an awesome selection of prizes. The felted soap is just so cool. Thanks for hosting such a fun contest.

Kenyetta said...

congratulations K! Awesome prizes.

k said...

Wow- Thank you! What an awesome assortment of goodies! I'm really intrigued by the felted soap, and I know my pup will adore that pet toy!!

Thank you, and Happy 100th post!

Nic said...

Mexican jumping beans and a shot glass... haha... could you imagine the prizes if DBL ran a contest?