Monday, October 23, 2006

Blog Contest!!

Hi all - I am quickly approaching my 100th post on Javajem - Knits! Can you believe it!!

Only three more posts from now - I will reach 100 posts. In honor of this milestone - I decided to host a contest!

The prizes will be amazing and people will swoon with delight! (well maybe the swooning is bit much to hope for - but still!...)

Included in the prizes is a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Yarn and some New Mexican made Fiesta Yarn and some other New Mexico souvenirs collected from my travels.

I will be picking a name at random from whoever posts a comment to my blog in the next three posts and answers the following questions.

(Feel free to also post the questions and answers on your blog too - but I'm greedy and want to read them all so post them here too!!!)

1. Since it is my 100th blog contest – If you have a blog – how many entries have you made?

2. What is the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them for the first time?

3. What are you currently reading? And what is your favorite book of all time?

4. Where is the furthest you have ever traveled from home?

5. I’m sure everyone has some knitted project that they just can’t seem to get around to starting. I know I have several. What is something you would like to knit “One day”?
(I would also like to add a challenge to these questions. Everyone who actually finishes their personal “One day” project before SP9 is over (January 31st 2007) will be entered to win a skein of some yummy yarn!. So let “one day” be today! I will post again when SP9 is almost over and ask to see pictures!)

6. And finally – since it is October - what are you going to be for Halloween?

And since turn around is fair play - here are my answers:

1. Duh - 100

2. I always notice people's eyes. Do they look me in the eye? If not - I may not trust them.

3. I am currently reading In her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. I was a English major in college and have many favorite books - I can't ever seem to pick just one favorite - so here are three... One Hudred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

4. I had to go to Tokyo Japan once for work. I got to go sightseeing for a weekend - otherwise it was all work - but I had a great time.

5. I have been wanting to make a Clapotis for so long now. I have actually started twice - but ripped it out becuase I wasn't in love with the yarn. Well - I have some yarn now that I love and I need to start!! I will hopefully be posting pictures soon.

6. While I was in New Mexico I bought a cowboy hat - I think I have to put it to some good use... Cowgirl?

OK - start leaving those comments today and for the next three posts and I will put all your names in a hat and then announce the winner in my 101st post.

Good luck everyone and happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

Oh, funny!
I'll join!

1. 44... but I had my blog at another place at first, and I don't remember how many posts I wrote there.

2. If I've heard their voice I notice if the voice seem to match their looks. If I haven't heard them I notice if they "look down" on people and think they're better than anyone else.

3. Crime magazines from UK. My favorite book... Charles Dickens "A christmas carol"
4. Florida, USA, 16 years ago.

5. A fair isle sweater

6. Nothing, since we don't celebrate Halloween in Sweden....

Nic said...

1. 109

2. whether they are/and or need to be on psych meds

3. not reading a novel right now, just lots of short Puritanical stories/ My all time fav would have to be Garp or Widow for One Year or Maybe Son of the Circus... oo but I did really like Hotel New Hampshire too...

4. Hong Kong

5. Lady Eleanor

6. I could go to a knit night, but I feel it's my duty to be home handing out candy because I remember it always sucked when I tricked or treated and have houses not participate... yes last year really sucked ;)

Anonymous said...

1. 52

2. I notice facial expressions.

3. I'm currently reading Lolita. Little Women is my all time fav.

4.I'm not sure. Hungary is probably the farthest.

5. My one day project for the past year and a half has been the Rogue Pullover. A KAL for it is starting at my LYS, so I've figure that this week is the week to jump in.

6. I'm still deciding...we dress up at the school that I teach at. I'm probably going to be one of the teens that I I'm going to be making myself a fake "grill" out of aluminum foil and stick-on sequins.

Large Marge said...

I'm game...

1- 22. It took me that long to hold out to peer pressure.

2-mouth. I see if they smile or not.

3-Audiobook - Envy. Little Women

4-Rio I think, I suck at geography, but it was a 10 hr flight.

5- my laptop case I actually designed myself. - There’s no excuse, I have the yarn and everything! (We’ll see if I do it, I do have that road trip coming up)!

6- a witch I think, or Maxine, My Hero!
Here’s her housekeeping tip of the day:
Always keep several get-well cards on the mantle; so if unexpected guests arrive, they will think you've been sick and unable to clean.

Nittany Knits said...

1) 32- everyone of them are your fault!
2) a boy or a girl:-)
3) A Good Yarn (not good). Favorite- Wicked
4) California
5) using yarn purchased at last year's sheep and wool festival to make a sweater (that fits this time!)
6) a chef

GirlyWithATwist said...

1. 42 posts
2. their eyes
3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the current book. My favorite would be Gone With the Wind.
4. that would be the Middle East when I was in the Navy
5. that would be Clapotis.
6. a witch

Coleen said...

is there an easy way to know how many posts I have made or do I need to count them all individually?

Heide said...

1. 200 posts?
2. Eyes & teeth
3. Resume' Books (I'm trying to get a job after a 9 year hiatus to raise children)
5. A cupcake from "One Skein"
6. Malificent from Sleeping Beauty. It's the only costume I own so I wear it almost every year to take the kids out. Zzzzz

AnneKaelber said...

Congrats on your upcoming 100th! And yay for the contest! I'll be posting my answers to my blog as well.

1. 44 --- wow, I thought it'd be more than that! (My blog isn't linked to my account: )

2. Hmmm... The writer in me notices the details that make a person stand out from "brown hair, brown eyes"---the little impefections that make us human and real. The b*tch in me notices pantylines (I'm horrid, I know!).

3. Currently: "Wyrmhole" by Jay Casselberg and "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke.

Favorite: (the *very* abbreviated list) "Fledgling" by Octavia Butler, everything by Wen Spencer or Jim Butcher.

4. I spent a year in Rancagua, Chile during my Junior year in high school. At the time, I was living in Ohio. I'll let those more inclined to figure out the math.

5. There's a cardigan on the cover of the premier issue of Knit Today (UK magazine) with wooden beads in it. I want to make this but I need to size it up for plus size.

6. Asleep? Just kidding. A couch potato, most likely. We don't "do" Halloween around my house.

V said...

Oooo! A Contest!

1. 189

2. Their body language...if they seem open, scary, kind, etc...

3. I'm reading Katharine of Aragon by Jean Plaidy. I've been reading it too long because I'm also always reading an A&P textbook! Mmmm...favorites are hard for me, but two of my favorites are Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and A Prayer for Owen Meaney.

4. London. Maybe Edinburgh, Scotland....which is further from Boston?? ;) It was the same trip!

5. *Some* shawls for ME. I can never get around to knit stuff for myself.

6. The mother black cat to the baby black cat that I'll be walking around the neighborhood.

AsKatKnits said...

Hi Jody! Okay, I am in!!

1. 66

2. Their eyes - like you, where are they looking?

3. I am currently reading a trashy novel by Susan Johnson.

4. China is definately the furthest I have been from home.

5. I want to start the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, but I am making myself wait until I have a couple of UFO's completed.

6. I have not decided, but I am thinking that it would be fun to be a "chef" this year!

Thanks, Jody - and congrats on your pending 100th!!

Lolly said...

Fun idea for a contest! and congrats on the milestone, Jody dear!

1) I think I have over 500, but I am not entirely sure.
2) Face - specifically eyes, and whether they are smiling
3) School textbooks! not fun reading. So hard to say my favorite!
4) I am not sure which is further - Israel or Hawaii. I went to both ;)
5) I am dreaming about starting these Fair Isle knee highs - but I don't have the yarn yet. When I get it...
6) I don't know! Probably a "librarian" since I will be at work in the day and school that night ;)

Coarine said...

1. 203 - Since Nov. 2nd of last year.

2. Their face.

3. The DaVinci Code. I really don't know what my favorite book is.

4. Shippagan, NB, Canada

5. A pair of socks for my Dad.

6. Nothing, I don't dress up but my kids do ...

Bliss said...

I'm in!

1. 103 posts. I should have celebrated my 100th too! Dang.

2. It's not the same for each person I meet; it seems like everyone has one really distinctive feature that jumps out at me. For some it's their demeanor, and for others it's their hair color.

3. Right now I'm reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, but I'm not far enough into it to know how much I'll like it. I have way too many favorite books to just pick one all-time favorite! But one of my favorites is Gospel by Wilton Barnhardt.

4. I went to Moscow and (what was then) Leningrad in December of 1987.

5. A sweater for myself, with lots of shaping so it actually fits. I've made lots of baby and children's sweaters, but haven't taken the plunge on one for me.

6. I'm going to be... tired. I have to work 12 hours that day.

lorinda said...

I came over from Purls and Tails. Congrats! I will share your contest on my blog.

My answers:

1. 539
2. Loaded question. I guess whether they fit my definition of good looking.
3. Right now, I'm not reading anything. Favorites? All Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis books.
4. A man?
5. What I like to be for Hallowe'en is someone trying to find someone else to take my kids trick or treating.

Giantsknitter said...

1. Seven - but I'm new!!

2. The eyes, and I'm with you on the whole eye contact thing.

3. I am currently reading "The Last Days of Dogtown" by Anita Diamant of "The Red Tent" fame. It's for my bookclub and I haven't really decided if I like it or not yet. Favorite book of all time...okay, this is corny, but "Little Women" - it changed my life!

4. Which is further London, England or San Francisco? I guess I could look it up for you.

5. Socks for my boyfriend but, this Christmas, he will have socks!

6. How about the grouchy lady who answers the door? I'm really not thrilled with Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Another contest!

1. Currently 67 posts.

2. Their face, if they are smiling or not

3. Currently reading 2 books, one a victorian era mystery (I forget the title) and The Dim Sum of all things by Kim Wong Keltner - books I picked up at my library. I'd have to say that my favorite book is the Lord of the Rings trilogy

4. I'd have to say Grenada or Dominican Republic

5. My One Day project would be Aimee by Rowan. And I know for sure I wont have it done by January! : )

6. For a Halooween party next weekend I'll be going as a cute sailor girl

lorinda said...

The answers are so great! And I left out #5 'furthest away from home.' I've moved so many times that I'm never very far from any home I've lived in. Maybe SanFrancisco is the furthest from where I live now.

Want very much to go to Europe and the UK someday soon, though.

Shelby said...

1. 166
2. their eyes
3. I'm inbetween books at the moment. My all time favorite book is probably Charlotte's Web, by EB White
4. Budapest, Hungary
5.Flower Basket Shawl. I've started it 2 times and ripped it out each time.
6. I don't usually dress up for Halloween anymore. But my daughter is going to be a fairy princess, so maybe a fairy god mother or something? Have to think about that more.

Jolene said...

1. Not sure but not many.
2. Eyes and where they look when I talk to them. If they are near others, how they are reacting to them as well.
3. Nothing. Either Prince of Tides or anything Wally Lamb.
4. Austrilia to states.
5.I have an idea for a scarf that I will do soon. Fair Isle one.

6. Antie Em, I think?

Kenyetta said...

I'm in!
1. 70- I think I counted right
2. Their eyes, I agree, if they can't look me right in the eyes, I tune them out
3. Just my textbooks, I need to update my library
4. I guess when I lived in NY it would be either Lexington or Atlanta
5. socks!
6. I am either wearing my knit cat ears or knit devil horns to school that day

k said...

How fun! Congrats on reaching your milestone!

1. 129

2. What is the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them for the first time? Their eyes and smile

3. What are you currently reading? And what is your favorite book of all time?

Currently reading a book for my Media Analysis class (yawn) and Archangel by Sharon Shinn.

All time favorite? Little Women (I still cry about Beth, every time).

4. Where is the furthest you have ever traveled from home?

The Netherlands, but we were moving there from Texas... otherwise, probably Cozumel when I lived in DC metro area.

5. I’m sure everyone has some knitted project that they just can’t seem to get around to starting. I know I have several. What is something you would like to knit “One day”?

First sweater (child)

6. And finally – since it is October - what are you going to be for Halloween?

I'm a stressed out grad student by night. If I had the free time, probably a pirate wench :)

Rachel said...

Yay happy 100 postings!
Here are my answers:
1. I'm at 28 (which is also my age! what a coincidence.)
2. Eyes is a good one, although if they have freckles I notice those first.
3. I'm currently reading Housekeeping by Marilyn Robinson, I think my favorite book might be Straight Man by Richard Russo.
4. I lived in Italy for a while, so that was probably the farthest (although since I lived there, does that count as "away from home"?)
5. I think my current "one day" project is the hourglass sweater. Maybe I should put something smaller like a pair of socks or gloves in the hopes of getting it done by January, but it's really the hourglass.
6. I have a purple wig that I've worn every Halloween for the last 4 years. I've given up trying to fit a costume theme around it, I just like wearing the purple wig.

Laura said...

1. 172
2. Their eyes. you can tell an absolute lot by looking into someone's eyes.
3. The Kitchen God's Wife b y Amy Tan, and lots of kids books with my son, his favorite being anything with trains or trucks.
4. Seattle, WA
5. Any type of sweater. I'm so scared!!
6. My son's going to b e a Monkey..and I got some wings, so I'm going to be a Butterfly!

Nelda said...

1. 40
2. definitely the eyes
3. Mason-dixon knitting currently, I don't have a "favorite" book
4. Chile
5. A sweater, I have all of the stuff to make it, just have to do it!
6. Probably nothing, it's a workday.

monica said...

2. their eyes and if they look at you when they talk to you

3. Robin Cook, Marker I have many favorite books I would have to say To Kill A Mockingbird

4. I was born in Germany, lived in Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, PA, and now Indiana, ( I was an Army brat) the furthest would be Florida.

5. The Must Have Cardigan, I love that sweater I don't know why I haven't made it yet

6. I usually sit on the porch and knit and pass out candy, so I guess I go as a knitter.

Christi said...

1.....Not sure checking..looks like 38 on LJ so far

2. first is eyes, then shoes.

3. Olivia Joules and the Over Active Imagination and my favorite book is Tara Road, by Maeve Binchy

4. Always wanted to do a Clappy, just can't find the yarn I want yet.

5. I haven't decided, but the kids are going to be the Dukes of Hazzard, The little one even has the wig for Daisy, So maybe I should be Uncle Jessie!!! ROFL

Karen said...

I love these contests!!

1. 88
2. the person's eyes
3. not reading anything but just finished listening to Phillip Pullman's "Dark Materials" series (does listening count?) favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird"
4. Dad was in the army, so Germany. But as an adult - Wyoming or Florida (whichever is further from Ohio)
5. Many, many sock patterns and a cabled sweater from the yarn that my sister gave me.
6. I will be myself for Halloween, that's scary enough.

GI said...

1. I have made 112 posts. So I guess this makes 113.

2. Their eyes. The eyes say a lot.

3. Currently- The Nanny Diaries
All time fav- I'll have to get back to this one.

4. Home is NH, the furthest I have been is California.

5. I keep saying I am going to try my hand at socks. I attempted a baby sock last weekend so I think my "One Day" project will be to finish an actual pair of adult sized socks.

6. I'm going as mom ;o)

Anonymous said...

1. 139 - Yea I know I talk too much :)

2. What is the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them for the first time? Their alure.... Ik now it sounds nuts, but you know you meet some people and instantly know they are warm and ok to talk to and others you get this "don't talk to me" vibe... I guess you could call it their personal vibe :)

3. What are you currently reading? And what is your favorite book of all time? A novel by Nora Roberts is my current read; sorry I don't remember the name. My absolute favorite book of all time is Forever by Pete Hamill - YOU MUST READ IT!

4. Where is the furthest you have ever traveled from home? Scotland

5. I’m sure everyone has some knitted project that they just can’t seem to get around to starting. I know I have several. What is something you would like to knit “One day”?

I'd like to knit a shirt I can wear - but I haven't gotten that far yet...

6. And finally – since it is October - what are you going to be for Halloween?

Hmm.. my own boring self.

ikkinlala said...

1. I don't have a blog.

2. General facial expression, so I know whether to stick around or run away.

3. I'm currently reading "Principles of Mathematical Analysis." Oh, you mean for fun? I'm reading "Voyage of the Turtle" by Carl Safina, as well as various blogs. I can't possibly choose a favourite book; I like too many.

4. Saskatchewan. Laugh if you must, but I had to cross a whole province to get there.

5. I'm a beginner, so I have all sorts of "one day" ideas. Right now, the weather is such that I'd especially like to learn to knit mittens. I don't have a specific pattern in mind.

6. I'm not going to a costume party this year, and I don't dress up for Halloween anymore unless I have a specific reason to.

Diane said...

Congrats on your upcoming 100th posting. You always have interesting things to share.

1. about 60

2. their face. smiling? unhappy?

3. currently not reading. Favorite book is Pat the Bunny. Nothing better than having a little sitting on my lap reading Pat the Bunny.

4. Hawaii. I've been to Mexico too

5. I'd love to knit myself a sweater but I seem to have knitter's ADD so I usually stick to small project.

6. an old wife. hey wait a minute i'm an old wife every day. lol

Jena said...

1. In my knitting blog there are 190 posts. In my personal blog? Thousands.

2. Voice and demeanor.

3. Trivia books - I'm currently studying because I'm in the Jeopardy contestant pool for the next year.
My favorites are Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, Gone With The Wind and a few others... I read them again and again and again.

4. Italy in the summer of 2004

5. A sweater for myself or one of the tote bags from Stitch N Bitch - I have the yarn and needles for both, but just can't get them started! :)

6. I haven't figured it out yet... I'd better hurry up!

SJ said...

There's nothing I love more than a contest (even though I never, ever win), so here are my answers:

1) 125 at last count

2) Usually what they are wearing, especially if there are knitted objects involved. I think how people choose to present themselves in what they wear says a lot about their personality.

3) Currently reading a couple of wedding books in preparation for my wedding next September. I can't really pick one favorite book (I have too many that I love!), but two I could read any time are "Pride & Prejudice" and "Jane Eyre."

4) Israel, in January '01

5) A really complicated cabled sweater or something in fair isle -- I'm somewhat afraid of colorwork but need to get over it.

6) Nothing, since it's a work day and a costume isn't really considered business casual.

Princessdeia said...

1. 138 (Since March 2005).

2. Mouth/Smiles.

3. jPod - Catcher in the Rye/Mircoserfs.

4. I am not sure which is further but either China or California.

5. Jaywalker Socks or Audrey (Rowan 35).

6. On Halloween, I will be 32 (it is my birthday)

Knittymama said...

1. 104 (wow, I totally missed my 100th post!)

2. Hmmm, that's tough. How friendly they are I guess.

3. "Unconditional Parenting" by Alfie Kohan. Favorite ever would be "White Teeth" by Zadie Smith.

4. Sao Paulo, Brazil

5. The Simple Knitted Bodice. I love that sweater!

6. The mommy of a dragon and Winnie-the-Pooh!

Ann-Marie MacKay said...

1. I've had mine a year and posted 128 times.

2. Smile--shows friendli-ness.

3. What are you currently reading?
The DaVinci Code (i'm slow)
And what is your favorite book of all time?
Perfume/Patrick Suskind;
Away/Jane Urquhart

4. Where is the furthest you have ever traveled from home?
Kenya--this past summer for 3 weeks!

5. I’m sure everyone has some knitted project that they just can’t seem to get around to starting. I know I have several. What is something you would like to knit “One day”?
A fair isle sweater.

6. And finally – since it is October - what are you going to be for Halloween?
Not sure--something wacky though.
A venetian blind or wonder woman or something

sheep#100 said...

1. 490
2. Tone of voice.
3. The Ghost and Mrs. McClure right now. Take a look at my sidebar for some good reads.
4. Yugoslavia (back when it *was* Yugoslavia
5. A black sweater for me. I even bought black yarn this summer.
6. Class mom for Neatnik's school party.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and since I'm avoiding what I really should be doing I'll have a go.

1. I never kept count, and thought wow, a hundred, when'll I get there? Turns out it was a while ago. I've made 116 posts.

2. Their sense of humor and their shoes. I know that's shallow but you can tell a lot about someone by their shoes.

3.Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende. All time favorite(s): 100 Years of Solitude by G Garcia Marquez and Bird by Bird by A LaMott

4.Israel, I stayed for 2 years.

5. So many to choose from...the Pirates hat from Hello Yarn was on my mind all last winter.

6. Already wore it last night! I was the Bird Flu. I wore a beak with a thermometer sticking out of it, and wove a ton of feathers into a knitted beanie hat so it was covered. It worked out pretty well. Someone told me it was the most cerebral costume at the party, but he was Elvis and pretty drunk at the time. I tried to get my husband to go as Mad Cow Disease but he didn't want to wear udders, so he was Bird Flu too (we glued his feathers on a baseball cap).

Scoutj said...

1. 420 posts and 6,627 comments! That's nuts. Jaysum.

2. Teeth. Weird huh?

3. Saving Fish From Drowning - Amy Tan

4. Germany/Austria for ski racing.

5. Rainbow Scarf

6. Fergie (I was her last night)

Anonymous said...

1. Oh just about 20..i just started a few months ago.

2. Facial expressions

3. Currently reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Favourite book: can't really pick but I've read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott more than once..

4. U.S. and Aussie

5. 'I do' shrug from Knitty

6. Nothing...since Halloween is not celebrated here.

Heather said...

1. Since it is my 100th blog contest – If you have a blog – how many entries have you made? 9 over 3 blogs :-)

2. What is the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them for the first time? whether or not they make eye contact

3. What are you currently reading? blue like jazz, peter pan and the starcatchers, rising 44
And what is your favorite book of all time? too horrible a question! can not be answered, who could pick just one, or ten even.

4. Where is the furthest you have ever traveled from home? um. depends on what you mean by home.. being a miltary brat...i never had a home. however, from the current place we dwelled... i graduated at 15, took 2 yrs off from school and went to prague, egypt, israel, switzerland, Russia, estonia, soo which of those is the farthest? which ever one it is..does the expanse of russia count? :-)

5. What is something you would like to knit “One day”?
Cabled sherwood sweater for baby tali.

6. And finally – since it is October - what are you going to be for Halloween?

nothing. like in the never ending story... "the nothing". no really just plain ole nothing.