Sunday, October 01, 2006


I saw turtles! In the past two days - I have seen more turtles than I've seen all year! Ok - so I haven't seen any other turtles in the past year - but stilll....

I saw 2 or 3 turtles! I know I know - which one is it... 2 or 3...?

Well - that's a little difficult to answer. I made need your help....

The first turtle spotting is an easy one. My hubby spotted this little guy outside this morning. I brought him into my garden for a stroll. Isn't he cute!

It's the other turtle (or turtles) that's more difficult to count.

An the Rennaisance Festival yesterday - I met Frick and Frack:

A two headed turtle! So is it one or is it two?

I'm going to go with two.

We had a grand day at the Maryland Rennaisance Festival. NittanyKnits and her kids can along with my hubby and I and we ate great food, saw some shows and even road an elephant!

I bought a flowered headband to fit in with the natives. It was a hard choice - as there were many to chose from ...

My favorite thing to do at the Rennaisance Festival may be the people watching. About half (or more) of the people who go to the "Ren Fest" dress up in costumes. Some of them are beautiful and some are just plain silly. (There are some men that just were never meant to wear tights!!)

But here is my favorite costume.... A bubble fairy.... I love how she can blow bubbles from her hand.... Magic!

Thanks for your no rain vibes too! The rain held off and we were nice and dry.


Nittany Knits said...

The turtles are nothing but good luck! Thanks for such a great time at the Ren Fest.

Nic said...

You stole a turtle? Is there some little boy out there crying because Dudley is walking around your garden?

So where;s the pic of you and your headdress?

Im trying to talk the husband into going to our Ren Faire the 2nd week in Oct

I cant believe you snatched a turtle... what's next a puppy?

Large Marge said...

Funny how the two headed turtle(s) is/are named Frick and Frack. That's what I call the girls.

Is it/are they boy turtle(s) or girl turtle(s)?

Glad the no rain dance worked out for you guys. Frick, Frack and I are available for weddings too...

Giantsknitter said...

Hope you landed happily in Albuquerque. I am, sadly, here at work with no other knitter to talk to! :-( Add to that the two hour staff meeting this AM! All-in-all, I'd rather be in Albuquerque!!

Jody said...

There was no stealing of turtles!

He just wandered into my yard and I moved him to my garden.

He left already - back home to Mrs Turtle :)

Diane said...

I'm impressed with the bubble fairy. I can't even blow bubbles using the stupid wand!