Thursday, March 09, 2006

What day is this?

I have worked a total of 50 hours this week so far and it's only noon on Thursday!

Some co-workers and I stayed late last night until about midnight when we all turned into pumpkins and had to roll ourselves out for the evening.

We are under such incredible pressure to get things done for this implementation. I guess I never realized how bad it was during the final stages of an implementation because in reality - this is really the first time I've been there for one. All the other projects I've been involved with I've ever come on after they were already live, had no part in the development, or left before they went live.

Being a developer definitely has its highs and lows. I don't really need to deal with angry customers anymore - BUT I have to work long hours during crunch time, I have to change things three and four times when people can't make up their mind what they want, and I have to work quickly and with high quality which is very hard to do when under pressure.

Like DH says - it can either be done quick or be done right - but not both!

My mom came down and spent the last few days at our place - supposedly to watch Hurley after his "snip, snip" operation. He was basically back to his old self in about two days. So - mom and I spent some quality time knitting! I finished my second Booga Bag and she bought yarn for her first try with circular needles. I really hope she likes it!

I also started some randomw yarn I bought at Tuesday Morning and I really like it! If I can find more - I'd love to make a wrap out of it. but if I can't - it may end up being just a square used in a larger blanket or something.

I have a bad habit of starting blankets and quilts and never finishing them!! I guess I just get bored easily.

Oh and on the baby news front - we went to the Dr on Friday and she told me I have to lose weight - again. Big surprise. I really need to start some kind of program. I think DH will maybe be more apt to try with me since it's for a baby. Who knows. But anyway - I am going to have to get another sonogram before she will start me on Clomid. This will make me hyperovulate. Lovely! I just hope some of those little suckers get make it out!!

Here's hoping for twins!

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