Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yeah - I love getting packages!

I got a tree in the mail yesterday - yes a live tree. I ordered a hydrangea tree from Cottage Farms and it arrived yesterday in a snall and slightly beat up brown box. Gotta love UPS and their ability to crush anything and everything with the utmost consistency. I was a little surprised to see that the tree had actually survived the delivery and is now sitting in my garage waiting to be planted. It's not much of a tree at the moment I'm afraid - it's really just a stick with roots at the moment -

but I have high hopes my little stick. One day it - will be this....

I am hoping to go home today and find more packages of plants waiting for me! I have some dinner plates dahlias, some ornamental grasses and some peonies on the way!

Now I just have to do my rain dance so that we will get some rain to loosen up the concrete that I call my yard. Otherwise - it will impossible to plant anything.

I have been way too busy for just one week!

Monday night - I went to my scrapbooking meetup - and I finally started my wedding album. Only 3 years late - at this rate - I'll be finished in about 10 years - just in time to start the "we built a house!" album I've been planning since 2003.

Tuesday - I went to Amicci's in Little Italy for a book club Meetup - my first one so far. It was great food and pretty good conversation. I sat on the "older" end of the table and talked to a few 40 somethings. They were much more interesting than what I could see of the younger half of the table. Too much giggling. I also sat next to a couple of girls who just started working at Teksystems - what a small world! I told them to get out while they still could! The book was just ok - not my normal thing.... Assasination Vacation - (sounds like a murderous travel book) turned out to be about the assasination of Lincoln, McKinley and Garfield. Non-fiction.... I don't usually do non-fiction - but it was nice for a change of pace. next time - it's To Kill a Mockingbird.

Wednesday we met with our Stone Store guy - who smells like an ashtray! I'm still finding cigarette butts in my yard from the ONE day he spent taking measurements. How many cigarettes can you smoke while making measurements? Anyway - he gave us a very nice drawing with a very unrealistic price. I told him no way - not gonna happen. Miraculously he reworked the numbers and came up with a price almost half as much but removing just a few little details here and there.... I think that first price - was just an opening bid... kind of like buying a car.

Speaking of cars - today is the day my hubby get his fast.

I am not exactly happy about this.... but it's not my car. It's his car. It's also a Yo-Boy car. I will never call it anything else.

And that brings me to today - when I get to go to a lab and be sonogrammed - what fun! No - not really.

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