Monday, March 20, 2006

Where is Spring?

It was a lovely weekend - BUT - still too cold for Spring. Today is officially the first day of Spring - but the forcast includes snow and drizzle - or snizzle if you are so inclined....

I had off last Friday as a reward for working so many long hours the past few weeks. Not really a reward I guess - I had already billed 60 hours and was probably racking up too much overtime!
I spent my day off in the garden, cleaning out the flower beds and planting pink pansies. I love the color - I've never seen them in pink before!

I also got out my tool belt and put together two new bookcases for out master bedroom niche. I ordered these gorgeous bookcases from Crate and Barrel and they were super easy to put together - I actually got them both together all by myself before John got home. I love the sitting room - all I need now is curtains of some sort. Or maybe I'll make a valence.... hmm....

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing. I got most of the way done with a green sock that I started for St Patricks Day. I'm not too happy with the yarn - I got it online from KnitPicks and I had to start over three times because the yarn was unraveling to badly. It doesn't look that great even now - but I'm not going to rip it out at this point. I've alreayd finished the leg and most of the heel. I was following direction from the Urban Knitter and I was intrigued with the way they instructed the heel.

It was very different from the other directions I had read on turning a heel - this one was called Short Row heel. It wsa definitely different - I'm not sure which is more difficult (or easy as the case may be) but I like the look of this one. I'll have to see how it comes out. Since this will be the (I say WILL!!) the first sock I've finished. I had gotten to about this point before on another pair and then stopped because I was told they were too big. I shouldn't have listened to the person who said it - because i don't regard them very highly. I should pick them back up again and finish them....
Anyway - my socks are looking awesome so far!! I tried them on and they feel fabulous. I've never had hand made socks before - so I'm will definitley be spoiled after this!

Let see - what else.... Oh!! the doggies got their haricut and they look too cute! I'll to take some pictures. Hurley look unbelievable cute again. I can even forgive his several "accidents" this weekend. He's lucky he's cute!

There was also a birthday outing on Saturday for Willliam at Da Mimmo's. It was quite the gourmet meal. We started out with risotto balls (yummy!!) and them I had arugula salad and a wonderful veal dish - that was almost like chicken cordon blue - but with a lovely carmalized onion gravy and pine nuts and berries of some kind. It was heaven! We had a great time and even though it cost over $600 for the evening - it was worth every penny.

I also went to Let's Dish on Saturday - I got done in just one hour - I guess doing it myself is much more efficient! I was the first one done!

Sunday was quiet and I got to relax for the entire day - I love those kinds of days!!

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