Friday, November 06, 2009

Orange you glad I knit more socks?

I have yet another pair of socks to show you! These were finsihed in August but for some reason I never took a picture of them!

They are my Fireball socks knit with C*eye*ber Fiber yarn dyed by my friend Erin.

fireball socks

It's just a basic sock but I tried something new... an afterthought heel.

I didn't have any DPNs with me when I was knitting this - I was at the National Stitch and Pitch game - so instead I knit two rows on one side with scrap yarn, and kept on knitting! After finishing the toe, I went back and picked up the stitches on the scrap yarn and knit a second toe. I actually reall love how the heel came out and I may have to make more socks this way!

I have been experimenting with differnet sock heels lately. I forgot to mention that on the plain socks I knit from Rhinebeck I made a garter stitch heel:

Rhinebeck Socks

A couple people have asked if this is a short row heel. It's not - it's actually just a heel flap that I knit in garter stich and then turned and picked up as normal. I love how squishy and flexible it is.

Happy Friday everyone!


bySarah said...

I finished my scrappy socks with your leftovers today!

AWESOME garter heelflap. I am totally copying it soon!

Jodi said...

Those orange socks practically glow with autumnal color! So pretty! The heel is really a very nice touch.

Zonda said...

Love the socks! Glad to know about that garter stitch heel! I love it!! I now use the afterthought for all my striping sock yarns :)

Ruth's Place said...

Awesome heels, totally trying both ideas in the very near future!