Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Handspun sweater and 400 posts!

This is my 400th post! Who knew that I when I started this blog back in 2005 that I would still be blogging.... about knitting! I certainly didn't.

But here I am knitting and now spinning too! Thanks everyone for reading and sticking with me all these years.

Speaking of spinning - I started a handspun sweater on the road trip to Rhinebeck. I had lots of great knitting time in the car on the way. Thanks for driving Sarah! I got a TON done and used up all the yarn I had with me for this sweater.

Handspun sweater in progress

I'm losely basing the sweater on the #22 Garter Yoke Cardigan from Knit1. I say losely because I've changed the yoke to be more rounded instead of boat necked.

The top is knit with handspun dyed by the fabulous Dragonfly fibers.

Handspun sweater closeup

And the bottom is roving from Seredipity Farms.

Handspun sweater closeup

I actually got it at MD sheep and wool TWO years ago. I started spinning it two years ago when I was still a very novice spinner. Then I promptly put it aside and forgot about it for two years. I only had about 400 yards spun up and when I used up that yarn - I of course went to spin some more. I finished another 150 yards and starting knitting... BUT it wasn't the same gauge! Not even close.

My spinning has improved and I can't quite channel my inner "beginner spinner" to produce the thick and thin'ish yarn that I originally made. I'm on my third "sample" skein and I think I'm getting closer....

Wish me luck!


bySarah said...

Good luck and congrats on 400 posts...
you just motivated me to go look. I have 716 posts. I guess I'll have to watch for 800.

Zonda said...

Congrats on your 400 posts! Your sweater is looking awesome!

chacha / Jen said...

Happy 400 posts!

cici said...

OOOOHH AHHHHH... So lovely. Congrats on your 400th♥