Monday, November 09, 2009

Before and After





I was knitting the Mad Color Weave socks pattern in this lovely yarn by Three Irish Girls, and I didn't like how the pattern was coming out. It was partially because of how the yarn was blending and partially because I just didn't like knitting this pattern. I love the finished pattern and all the socks I've seen but for some reason this pattern and yarn were just not meant to be.

So..... Riiiiiiiiippppp!!

This lovely yarn will hopefully be making another appearance soon!!


bySarah said...

MCW is one of my favorite sock patterns to knit. We need to do a swap. MCW socks for you and JAYWALKERS for me. :)

Lucy said...

That is lovely yarn! I must confess that when I saw it, I said "oooh" to the computer. What is it?

Javajem said...

Thanks Lucy - it's Three Irish Girls in the Jack colorway.