Monday, November 26, 2007

Good things

OK - so I'm stealing my title from Martha Stewart... but I really do have some good things to show you.

I have gotten some really amazing packages in the mail lately. When I got home from Cancun - I found these pretties waiting:

Socks that Rock in the new Raven Clan colorways! I picked two - Pallas Athena and
Rook-y and I love them!

Socks that Rock Raven series!

I can't wait to make something out of them.

I also got my box of goodies a.k.a. - The Sampler! I have tried to get one of these packages several times, and they were always sold out. So I was so glad to finally get one! It has all kinds of handmade things inside. It's basically a place for indie artists to showcase their goods.


The holiday edition is availble now.

And finally - I got this new book - Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I love this book!

New book

There are so many cool things in here. I've already made a few (but they are gifts - so no pictures yet!) I can't wait to try some of the quilts in here. There's a nice blend of small projects and larger projects inside that will allow even the newest sewer to make some great things. I highly recommend it.

I don't know about where you guys live - but around here the leaves are just amazing right now. They are falling off faster and faster so I wanted to take a few last pics of the gorgeous Autumn leaves and I just happened to finish this handspun that looks so much like the colors of Fall.

Can you see it?

Autumn Handspun

How about now?

Merino Tencel

I love the colors of this fiber. It's a merino tencel blend by Mama-E from her Cyberfiber line. It's Summer Solstice.
Mama-E's Merino Tencel roving all spun up

Autumn Handspun

It's gorgeous!

And finally - I'm not sure if it will actually be done by the end of November - but I did start Ariann for NaKnitSweMo (knit a sweater in a month) this month. I'm about halfway done right now - I just bound off the armholes. Time to start the sleeves!

Ariann in progress

I'm using Classic Elite Skye Tweed:


Wish me luck in finishing! I only have 4 more days in November!!!


Stacey said...

the handspun is so pretty - it is amazing how close it matches the leaves! all ours have fallen off and are everywhere....

Diane Doran said...

Love the handspun - it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The handspun is stunning!

Good luck getting your sweater finished, it looks wonderful so far.

bySarah said...

Love the package.
Lurve the yarn.
Think you should make the sweater for ME. (I wont even mind when you dont finish it by the end of November, but wish you luck on trying.)

Jinann said...

Yummy yarns! And your handspun - it's just GORGEOUS!!!! I know what you mean about the leaves...they have been pretty stunning, but in the past 4 days, they've all fallen off.....or severely "browned".

Got my fingers crossed that you'll finish the the end of Nov....eeek!

Anonymous said...

All of those look so yummy! I really love that tweed, is it soft?

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

The handspun is just perfect, but then again you knew that, didn't you :)