Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Favorite Photos

I was looking through my bloglines today at lunch and I came across one with a really cool idea. On Berlin's Whimsy, she posted a little 'meme' type entry where she talks about favorite photos. I admit - I'm often a blog scanner - if you don't have pictures - chances are I may not read the whole thing. I know - terrible! But it's true - so I thought I'd honor those photos here with this post.

Anyway - to copy her - I will ask the following questions:

1. What are your 5 favorite photos and why?
2. What is your favorite photo of mine?

I'd love to see what you consider to be your 5 favorites. I won't officially tag anyone - but leave me a comment if you decide to post your 5 favs. And check out some of my pics and leave me a comment to let me know which one(s) you like.

I went through my pics and here are 5 that I love. I think I'll make this a regular request every once in a while - just because I love looking at other people photos!!

1. Cemetery at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico - I love this photo because the pueblo was such a magical place. The clouds were amazing and the feeling you got there was other-worldly.

Cemetary at Taos Pueblo

2. Dahlias at golden gate park in San fran - this picture just brings back so many awesome memories. We were in San Fran for a wedding and we spent the day in Golden gate park. My favorite flower is the dahlia and as we were walking around, we came across an entire field of huge dahlias of all shapes and sizes - I was in heaven!!


3. Lone tree at the Grand Canyon - This picture is an awesome vision of the grandeur that is the grand canyon. The colors change from minute to minute - and everywhere you look there is beauty - even in a dead tree.

Lone tree at Grand Canyon

4. 'Punk you' in Camden - I can't look at this picture without laughing. I was walking around Camden Lock in London and there were masses of people all around. I just spotted this group of guys sitting across the road from me and snapped their picture. I didn't even notice until I got home that they were flipping me the bird. I love it!!

Punk you!

5. Socks in the air - These are just basic stockinette socks - but I just love this picture. I guess my feet were in the clouds that day (better my feet than my head!)

Plain and Fancy socks

I also looked at my "Favorites" folder on flickr - which are other people's photos that I liked... and here are my most recent selections. Sensing a theme here?

My Favorites

What are your favs?!!!


Stacey said...

those are all great - the punk guys are hilarious!! i see a definite affinity for quilting in your mosaic! i love some of those (esp. the lime green log cabin one)

bySarah said...

That grand canyon picture is AMAZING. Amazing. After I move, I am assessing my wallspace to see where I can fit a framed version!

Ruth said...

Love the punks, but the tree picture is stunning.

paula said...

haha.. punk rockers make me laugh!

what happened to their mohawks? the punks these days are so lazy.. ;)

tinkknitz said...

Punks! Punks! Punks!

You seriously need to enter that in a contest.

tinkknitz said...

Okay, just five eh? ::grumble::

1. Punk you! in England and Scotland

2. Wagon Wheels in Arizona 046

3. Javaman/Botanical Garden in 1Arizona 070

4. Starfish in Cruise

5. Flowers at Kathryns Cottage in Sonoma/Napa