Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday in the Newsletter!

Today was Sunday in the Salon at Woolwinders. I went down with Margaret and met up with Shelby. We made multidirectional scarves. They are way cool. I'm using a gorgeous Multi colored Manos. But most excitingly - we got our picture in the newsletter advertising the Sundays in the Salon!!

Check us out!

It was definitely a fun day :)

Tomorrow - it's off to Albuquerque and then Stich and Bitch New Mexico style on Tuesday!!


Anonymous said...

We didn't win. :O(

Nic said...

Im dying to do the multi-directional scarf in manos for a friend's bday present, but I cant find any manos or malabrigo that has enough green (her fav color in it)

Anonymous said...

Look at that! Dual citizenship. Thanks for the comment... I'm super-excited, a little wary of how involved this could get. :)

Weeeell, I moved already. Same one little ol post, new blog.

Come visit me. See you Tuesday!

Molly said...

hey Jody-
I scrolled back and found a lovely pic of your log cabin blanket in it's unfinished form. really beautiful. What a lucky friend you have!