Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Socks and yarn and turtles!

I'm dead..... But I'm still smiling :)

I received my sock wars socks in the mail today.

They are gorgeous! They were knit my Joanna in FL with Jaeger DK weight yarn.

They are so comfy! I will be shipping my single finished sock out tomorrow. It looks kind of lonely doesn't it!

The reason I'm still smiling (even though I'm dead) - is because of my awesome One Skein Secret Pal Angel Lorena - AKA Selkie. She is the best!

Just look at all the luscious goodness in here!

She was only "supposed" to send me a one skein project - but she also sent some amazing handspun yarn and a cool wooden turtle box.

The One Skein project that she made me is the fingerless gloves from

Aren't they cool!!

Check out Mr Turtle...

How did she know I love turtles!!

And the handspun is just too wonderful for words...

All I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Lorena said...

Aww, you're so welcome! You were a pleasure to spoil. I don't remember how I figured out that you like turtles. It was on something I read on your site, either in your archives or maybe on the list of answers to SP8...? Anyway, I couldn't resist sending it to you. And I hope you enjoy the handspun-- my friends are going to be jealous because you're the first person I've given some away to. ;-)

Large Marge said...

Considering you're the reason we even joined the Sock Wars to begin with, I can't believe you didn't finish a pair!!!

Nic said...

I told my husband all about Sock Wars which definitely got his interest up (not to knit ofcourse) but we spend a good 20 minutes discussing hypothetical strategy.

Exactly why I am a sock civilian.