Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm home for a week!

I never thought it would feel so good to be at work - but I'm actually sitting in my own desk - I'm in my own cube - in my own building - instead of balancing my laptop on my knees and sitting in a random chair in some conference room answering ridiculous questions about ridiculous stuff. I'm home! yeah! For a week at least. Next week I have to fly back out to Abluquerque - but this week I can relax in my own private, (sort of) personal, cubey!!

I did have a great week last week socially at least :) I met up with the Albuquerque stitch and bitch group and then met up with Bentley on Thursday and saw the sights in Nob Hill and walked around old route 66. She was the best tour giude ever and we had a marvelous time.

I also visited the local yarn shops in Albuquerque - Village Wool and Fiesta Yarn. I bought lots of lucsious Debbie Bliss cashmerino for a baby blanket I'm making for a friend. I have to get knitting - her shower is on Saturday!! I'm a good way done - I knit on for a few evenings while I was out there - on the plane and a good deal this weekend too.

I had a fun weekend - I went up to visit my parents while the hubby had a "boys" weekend at Summit Point race track. He got to play "pit crew" for one of his friends who was racing. It rained the whole weekend and he had to sleep on the floor - but he loved it anyway. I got to spend the weekend with my parents at a wedding on Saturday for one of my oldest friends Timmy. Timmy is 29 and hates being called Timmy - but that's just too bad - because he will always be Timmy to me :) His new wife is lovely and very sweet. I got to see all the old crew from my family church. We did the chicken dance, the electric slide and everything else you would expect at a wedding reception in a firehouse. I did get to slow dance with my dad and my mom and I made the rounds doing the polka as well! Good times.

On Sunday - we went over the Annual Corn Roast at some friends house from church. Yes - it'a annual and yes it is a corn roast - where corn is the theme. They roast corn in the husks over a open flame on their homemade outdoor fireplace. They have scavenger hunts, there are "corn guys" that people make and vote on for prizes, there's lots of good stuff to eat and kids running around. I drank some Birch beer and was told my a million people how nice it was to see me "all grown up" I'm 30 - I've been all grown up for a while now - but these folks always say it just the same. If it sounds like I am from Hickville USA - you may be right - but I still love it and will always be in the mood for a hot piece of corn covered in butter and a folding chair in the grass in a good friends' backyard.

Oh and the highlight of the corn roast? There was a huge car of candy corn - and everyone had to guess how many pieces were inside. Guess who guessed exactly right!! My mom! She guessed 386 and she was right on the nose. She sent the candy corn home with me and it is now sitting on my desk half empty as my co-workers eagerly gobble it up. Good times!

This week will be spent trying to enter my expenses from the last two weeks, getting ready to leave again for another two weeks and spending as much quality time with my "boys" as possible.


Heather said...

I didn't get a chance last nite to tell you but I live for the year I'll be able to move to NM. White Sands, NM...ahhh...take lots of pics for me next time you are out there...

:)It was good to meet you - I hope again soon!

Nic said...

So do you save your per diem money by eating cheaper to help afford the yarn?

Also, I was thinking, eh I dont need to knit a baby blanket for so and so (too much work, not enough time) but ug I see you doing it and feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend home with your family and enjoyed the "simple pleasures." I agree with you...no matter how old you get, they'll still remark on how you're "all grown up!" So strange, but I guess it's because we don't see them that often.

Glad to hear from you again and hope you have time to catch your breath before your next trip.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask you tonight-
Did you slip in the yarn receipts with the rest? You can count it as food - fiber. Everyone needs fiber.