Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bloggers, Bloggers everywhere!

I'm so excited! Two of my recently non-blogging friends have come over to the dark side.
Margaret fell victim to the hype a few weeks ago and started her largemargeschoolforgirls. And yesterday - my friend Rebecca caved in and started her blog - giantsknitter. (Yeah - she's a Giants fan!) Anyway - I'm still waiting on some other knitting friends to finally hop on the blogging bandwagon (You know who you are... Hollyanne!) and get out there into cyberspace. Bloggers will soon take over the world!! *evil laugh*

I had a wonderful time last night by the way - I went over to Shelby's house for a Creative Memories party. We had wine and chatted and made up some pages. Good fun was had by all!

I have still not yet received my sock of death from Sock Wars - so I'm still knitting away on the ones I'm making. I hope I can finish them before I get mine. I started the second sock last night and am working on the cuff. Unfortunately I won't be home too much this evening so - death is definitely looming! I liked the yarn I used on them so much - I actually went and bought the same yarn in red for socks for me :) (big surprise there) I'll post pics soon of the new yarn and the socks (hopefully in their finished state).


Nic said...

Exactly why I couldnt be in sock wars. Do you think I would even take the time to post? Eat? Sleep? Oh no, I would be muttering and knitting the socks.

I would definitely walk away from sock wars with post traumatic stress syndrome. And my husband, well he would just be a innocent casualty of war.

It's war dammit!

Anonymous said...

You can't win me over just because all the cool kids are doing it :-) I think it's just another ploy to keep me from my knitting!!!!!!!!!!!!