Friday, October 23, 2009

Historic Huguenot Street Photoessay

The Monday after Rhinebeck we visited Historic Huguenot Street in New Paltz, New York. It was about 30 minutes north of Fishkill where we stayed.

Many of the original stone houses still remain from the 1700s. I love this house - it actually looks like a face to me. do you see how the chimney is the nose...

Huguenot Street

Jolene enjoyed peeping in all the windows:
Huguenot Street

Huguenot Street

There was this crazy contraption attached to a well... I wonder how it works:
Huguenot Street

Huguenot Street

I think the flowers were a bit confused!

Huguenot Street

Loved this fire hydrant...

Huguenot Street

Huguenot street was right on the Wallkill River:

Huguenot Street


I loved the old cemetary:

Huguenot Street Cemetary

Huguenot StreetCemetary

There were very old tombstones dating back to the 1700s
Huguenot Street Cemetary

Huguenot Street Cemetary

Huguenot StreetCemetary

The leaves were amazing and we took full advantage of them for our pics :)

Oct09 255

Here we are being silly...

Leave Portrait


After walking around the historical sections of New Paltz, we walked around the cute main street in town:


chacha / Jen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Those houses have held up beautifully; amazing that they're hundreds of years old!

We will have to get together for some knitting time soon!

Trillian42 said...

GORGEOUS shots! Looks like the weather behaved, too.

That one leaf Jolene has is HUGE - do you know what kind of tree it's from?

Sereknitty said...

Really fabulous shots! The stone houses are amazing. I laughed when I saw your comment about the crocuses blooming in Fall -- I was once astounded to discover them blooming in our neighbourhood and thought similarly, that they were way off schedule, when my gardening friend advised me that there is a Fall blooming variety.

Anonymous said...

It seems like it would have been such a serene place to live in the 1700's, doesn't it?

Richard Heyl de Ortiz said...

Judy --

Thanks for the shout out to Historic Huguenot Street. I'm glad you liked our site and the photos -- they are great! Can we use some of them?

As to the crocuses, they're not confused. They are a fall-blooming variety. That being said, I always forget they are there and it is a wonderful surprise all over again each year!

Richard Heyl de Ortiz
Director of Public Programs
Historic Huguenot Street

RedThread said...

I <3 NY.

Knittymama said...

That's what I love about the east coast, those old, old gravestones!