Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Grafton Batt Spinning

I love Grafton batts! They are a joy to spin. I spun up my latest one last week:

Grafton Handspun

I got this at MD Sheep and Wool from the Cloverhill booth.

Grafton Handspun

It came out to be about 233 yards of worsted weight 2 ply. I'm not sure what it will become - maybe a hat?

This weekend was beautiful! I spent Sunday helping out at another wine festival for my friends. This one was in St Mary's county - so quite a haul. It was worth it though because my friend Kim came along to help and we went to her parents for dinner. They live down that way and it was nice to get a good home cooked meal.

The wine fest was held at Sotterley Plantation. I took some pics of the grounds that I haven't uploaded yet. Pics coming soon!


Monika said...

Beautiful yarn!

Ruth's Place said...

The yarn is stunning!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful yarn! I am a brand new spinner (my first wheel just arrived via UPS today...have to put it together tonight) and I am going to have to check those batts out at Cloverhill.

Anonymous said...

Yummy yarn. I am wishing that I learned how to spin.