Thursday, April 09, 2009

Weekend fun - catchup post!

I've been slack about posting about my last couple weekend outings. Three weeks ago I was actually in Raleigh NC visiting one of my best friends from high school, Marc.

The best part of visiting - was spending time with his animals! Here they are:

My adopted animals

Brit, Mia, Gizmo and Rex the cat. They each have such different personalities! Brit is a bundle of energy and a snuggler and has the coolest eyes ever - one blue and one brown, Mia is the shyest dog you will ever meet, but sweet once she warms up, Gizmo is a belly scratch hore, and Rex the cat is more like a dog - loving people and attention.

I was there the weekend after St Patricks day - but due to rain their St Patty's day parade and Irish festival were delayed a week - so I got to see the festivities! They really know how to do a parade - it went on for over an hour! After the parade - we hit the Irish festival - we saw bagpipers and Irish Wolf Hounds everywhere!

Irish Festival

It was a fun event. After the parade - we checked out the rest of Raleigh's cultural events - town hall and their musuem.

At city hall - there was actually a rally going on - I was joking around and called out "Go Obama!" to the anti Obama rally... Marc got all nervous - he told me I was in the south and had to keep it down - someone was likely to shoot me! Can you believe it!

March 09 107

Once safely inside - we looked around at the beautiful architecture...

March 09 110

March 09 116

March 09 115

March 09 117

March 09 127

March 09 128

After the town hall - we went to the art museum:
Raleigh Art Museum

Here we are with an Indian princess!

Marc and me

We had a great weekend - thanks Marc!!

Last weekend - I went out to a coworker's party. His weeping cherry tree was blooming and he wanted to celebrate spring.

Just look at that beautiful tree!
Arthur's house

His wife is quite an artist and one of her specialities is mosaics. Just look at this awesome dragon:

And I couldn't resist this cool birdhouse:

Bird House

Unfortunately I have no pics from my recent trip to New Orleans for work - I was too busy!! Maybe next time!


maitai said...

it looks like you had a really awesome weekend in NC! great photos :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures! i love that they had the parade after the day.

calicodaisy said...

Hey! I live in the south, I'm conservative, and I wouldn't shoot you for stating your opinion! Trust me, in the south, we conservatives would be more nervous stating a difference of opinion near a pro-O crowd.

Heather said...

Great pics!! But what's up with the "Anti-Obama rally" WHAT are they thinking??? Ah, the south!