Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to School!

Another weekend in my hometown is making me very nostalgic! I can't believe how much I actually miss this place. When I lived here I couldn't wait to leave - get out of the small town and into a bigger, "more happening" city. But coming back now years later - it's so nice to be in a smaller, slower paced town.

If you remember from last weekend - my high school is replaying a game that ended in a tie over 15 years ago. This was band practise #2, followed by a dinner and then a bonfire!

SO much has changed at my high school - including this new statue. I couldn't resist a picture of our mascot - the Easton Red Rover:

Easton High School

Me and the Red Rover!

The band practised our field show today too - and we were running around for over a hour. When I say running - I mean running! At top speed. We have to run on the field into our spots to form the letter "E" for Easton. Crazy. I'll make sure someone takes pictures tomorrow of the real thing!

And there were even more old friends to see at the dinner following our band practise.

My creation

After the dinner - it was on to the bonfire!

Now - this may seem odd - but in my school - it's a tradition to build the hugest most amazing bonfire the night before the big Thanksgiving day game. Seniors gather wood for an entire week, build this massive bonfire and the night before the big game we light it and party around it for most of the night. It's seriously bigger than most houses. Well - we made one this time too - only it was at the Riverside Bar and Grill - where the football players, cheerleaders and band members (along with most of the rest of Easton) gathered to celebrate the Replay game.

Check out the football players - 15 years after their prime! I see lots of potbellies and bald heads!

The Easton Football team!

And the band alumni:

The Band

After the intros and speeches - it was time to light the fire!

They must have thrown in an entire can of gasoline - because the thing ignited with a bang!

The bonfire gets lit

And soon grew to this enormous inferno. It was so hot - we had to move back like 100 yards to keep from getting fried!

The bonfire!

It was so great. And what beats being able to get drunk (legally) with your high school friends!

I can't wait for tomorrow (well today... it's after midnight!) for the big game.

Go Rovers!!! Beat P-Burg!


R a i n said...

That is a HUGE bonfire! Looks like you had fun =)

Ruth's Place said...

That looks like AWESOME fun!

maitai said...

whoa that's a big bonfire! good luck tonight? or is the game already over? :)

Anonymous said...

That's so incredibly awesome. I wish I had love for my high school, but sucked!

Anonymous said...

It looks SO FUN!!!

Tala said...

And yet the football players almost all still have necks bigger than their heads!

Must have been weird being around the bonfire in the heat - one of my fondest memories is walking around freezing my butt off and then cruising past the fire to warm up! Thanks for sharing the photos - looks like everyone had fun, even if Easton lost!

Chelette said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, this was pretty big, I caught it on the local news last night.