Sunday, June 15, 2008

Double Happy day for Dad!

Today is a special day for my dad - it's Father's day of course - but it's also his birthay!!

My family is big on cards. My dad is notorius for winning too. Hurley is giving my dad some tips here...maybe this is the secret of his success?

Hurley plays cards with "grandpa"

My dad's a Wisconsin boy - born and raised. Here he is at U of Wisconsin last summer.


I think my brother is a mirror image of my dad - what do you think?


And here Dad is a clock! We are at the Domes in Milwaukee WI and you can be a human sun dial and it actually tells you the correct time!


Don't forget to give your dad a call today!!

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you!!


bySarah said...

Happy Father's Day/Birthday Mr. Jody!!


Lynn said...

Hope your dad had a great day ~ does he still live in WI? If so do you ever come to visit?!

mrspao said...

Hope your dad had a wonderful day. We went to Wisconsin last year on a day trip and it is really beautiful.

cici said...

You are right, they look so much alike... Happy Father's Day and Birthday!.:D

Stacey said...

Happy Dad's day to Dad's everywhere!!!

We spent the day with my dad yesterday - playing cards!!!! (Ironically enough - he teaches at the U of W Eau Claire!!!!)

maitai said...

your dad is adorable, and you're right! your brother is totally a spitting image of him.

Christopher Elston Photography said...

Hi Jody,

Funny, I didn't know your dad was born in Wisconsin. (If you didn't know, I was born there, too. As well as Helen and my dad... and btw my dad's birthday was on June 12)