Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank you :)

First of all - I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers and warm notes on the last post.

I spent Sunday morning with Brie's family and friends at a church service where prayers and blessings were offered. There was not a dry eye anywhere. Her memorial service is tomorrow - details here.

I am honored that they asked me to take care of the flowers for the occasion. Brie shared my love of flowers. I brought a dozen or so pictures of flowers to her hosptial room for her to put on the walls so she could have a garden in her room.

I've been having a hard time focusing on anything for very long lately - but I have been knitting and spinning.

I got 2lbs of roving at MD Sheep and Wool to make a handspun sweater.... I finally spun up and soaked my first batch.


I just love the warm natural brown of this yarn.
I can't wait to spin some more.

I also spun up other Loop batt. This was fun to spin!

Loop Handspun

I love all the little bits of color.

Loop Handspun

I also joined Loop's Batt of the month club. Next month's theme is butterflies. Steph sent us all pictures of butterflies and we had to chose the one we like best. I chose a Monarch butterfly. I can't wait to see how she interprets it in fiber!

And guess what! My Merletto Mitts are the subject of a June Knit-a-long on Ravelry!

The Fingerless Glove Fanatics group is knitting them. There are lots of great looking mitts being knit over there - go check it out!

I couldn't just sit and watch - I of course started up again on another pair. I gave the originals to Jolene - so I need some for myself!

Merletto Mitts

I'm also still knitting the Printed Silk Cardigan. The entire back is done and I love it! Also - I cast on for a new shawl - the Adamas Shawl. It's all Sarah's fault. No pictures yet - but soon! This is going to be a quicky!


cici said...

so sorry to hear about Brie,...My prayers are with you and the family... that Loop is awesome!

Theresa said...

Bringing pictures of flowers to the hospital is such a good idea. So thoughtful, so like you!

Beautiful handspun. It will make an amazing sweater.

Cool about the KAL! Maybe I should join in ... and give myself an extended deadline, like oh by the end of the year.

More hugs and prayers for you!

Zonda said...

What a wonderful idea to have those flower pictures in her room, so touching and I'm sure made her happy!

Congrats on having your pattern as part of a KAL! :)

Lynn said...

I'm glad you are doing better! Been thinking about you and Brie's family. Please give her mom a hug from me!

That black and colored yarn is so pretty!

Stacey said...

I'm sure the flowers will be spectacular!!!

The brown sweater yarn - wow - that is going to be so pretty with the other colors!

brsmaryland said...

I've been out of it too. I came to work this a.m. for a 7.30 meeting. oops! It's next Wednesday.

Love the brown handspun. Your knitting and patterns and handspun are an inspiration.

Lolly said...

i totally missed that you started the Printed Silk Cardigan. It's a great knit!

mrspao said...

I hope the service goes ok. I'm sure you will choose some wonderful flowers.

Bonnie said...

I'm not surprised you did the flowers for Brie, Jody. They were perfect. I was wondering if you took the one of her in the field of daises and a few others too.

And huge congrats on the Merletto Knit-a-Long. You must be about ready to bust.