Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kutztown Folk Festival

It was an old fashioned weekend. The 'fam' and I headed up to PA to visit my parents and go to the Kutztown Folk Festival. It's become a tradition for us to go every year.

They have great PA Dutch food, exhibits and rides for the kids....

There was a cool game that we watched for a while - where two people are trying to shoot water balloons at each other with a sling shot - it was quite amusing :)

Kutztown 097

There was also a petting zoo with the cutest animals ever!! Even Hurley enjoyed meeting the animals - there's one picture in this mosaic where he's sniffing a pony. He's probably thinking 'that is one big dog!'

Click on any picture to see it full size.

Kutztown Folk Festival Animals

I even managed to find the one booth that had spinning and weaving!
I dragged Java man over and made him wait while I ooed and aahed all the handspun fibery goodness.

Kutztown 001

Then... I saw the weirdest thing.

Now - don't freak out when you see this ok?

The faint of heart may not want to look.

In the booth - the same booth that was selling handspun WOOL mind you...

I saw this:

Kutztown 004

Click it to make it bigger if you are so inclined...

I'll wait....

They are handknit socks... Made out of Acrylic!!!!!!

Now - I'm not a total yarn snob. I have acrylic in my stash. There is a time and a place for acrylic. Socks are never EVER supposed to be made of acrylic in my opinion.

OK - end of vent...

Deep breaths...

Let's move on to some more fiber related goodness - the quilts!

There's also a huge quilting show and contest during the festival and let me tell you - there are A LOT of entries! All the quilts entered are also available for purchase with the winning quilts being auctioned off at the end.

Here's this year's winner.

Kutztown 112

And the runners up...
Kutztown 114

And a whole bunch of others...
Kutztown 109

Most were very traditional - not many - if any - were modern, but they were still very beautiful.

Another typical sight were Hex signs.

Hex Signs

I saved the best for last. Not only did they have all this great artsy goodness - they also had just about every kind of tractor, engine, plow, and farm tool ever made.

Kutztown 130

Kutztown 120

What's not to love!

We're off to the beach for the 4th of July holiday - so I want to wish everyone a great week - be safe and watch lots of fireworks!!


danielle said...

The Kutztown Folk Festival! I've never been, but actually know of it. My fam is from Allentown/Bethlehem and my grandfather is PA Dutch. It looks like a good time aside from the socks! Have fun in Rehoboth :)

turtlegirl76 said...


I'm appalled.

GingerPyeJackson said...

What a great post, such a neat place. We're not even going there about the whole sock's of acrylic thing. Have a great time at the beach. Bring back lots of sun filled pictures for we city folk.

ruth said...

Looks like a wonderful festival! I love the signs, and the quilts!! Have a great time at the beach.

Stacey said...

What a fun time! Acrylic socks - talk about sweaty feet!!!!!

Have a wonderful time at the beach....I love the Delaware beaches!

Diane said...

That's funny with the socks. They are selling hand spun wool and acrylic socks at the same booth. Very odd indeed. There's a time and place for acrylic but definately not in regular socks.

tinkknitz said...

Might have to put the Festival on my calendar for next year. My mother's family is PA Dutch and I could use a family food fix - can't get smearcase down here.

Cute windowbox pix thing from flickr, I might have to steal that idea.

Jinann said...

Wow! What fun! What incredible quilts!

Oh, my! Non-absorbent acrylic? I do make acrylic/wool for my Aunt who wants durable easy-care socks.....but 100% acrylic? No way!

Love the tractors too.....do I see a Farmall there????

Sarah said...

Awesome pics...I am so sad I missed it. Damn wedding stuff!!