Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In Town Bag

To continue my weekend update - I went over to Sarah's house for a bit of sewing Saturday night.

I was able to give her some birthday goodies and she gave me the cutest box bag! I told her she wasn't supposed to give other people gifts on her birthday - but she wouldn't listen.

She knows I'm a sucker for Amy Butler fabrics - so she made the bag from several different ones.
I love it!

Box bag from Sarah

I just love the cute little dragonfly charm :)

Charm detail

Speaking of Amy Butler - I also brought over a pattern I got for the In Town bags. We both made the 'Smart Handbag' from Amy Butler's In Town bag line.

Amy Butler Bag

Amy Butler Bag

Inside I added lots of pockets for my stuff.

Inside of Amy Butler bag

I also made yet another box bag from some fabric I got in Vegas. (what do you think Nic?)
Box bag I made

I'll leave you with a cool photo of a lady out for a walk on one of my black eyed susans...

Ladybug out for a walk

Lady bug on daisy


Jill said...

I just love those bags!!
I'm a pretty good knitter but I'm a lousy sewer. Which is wierd because my mom is just the opposite :)

I really like your pictures...what kind of camera do you use?

Stacey said...

what a great bag! the amy butler one is just too cute - looks very functional for the size with all the pockets. we must to a sew-nite when i'm down this summer!

Shelby said...

Amazing bags!! Can you teach me how to sew like that?? I've always wanted to learn!

Anonymous said...

Your ladybug photos are amazing. You continue to amaze me.

MsJoanie said...

I want an In Town bag!!!

danielle said...

Those bags are adorable (wish I could sew, working on the knitting first, though.) And the ladybug pics...wow!! Did you plant your black-eyed susans recently? I haven't been able to find them anywhere (not at Cylburn, not at Walther Gardens, maybe there are some crappy ones at Lowes?) and they are the MD state flower.

Bonnie said...

Your Susans have buds?? Mine don't usually bloom until late July or August. What's your secret?

Anonymous said...

Oooh...the bags are fantastic! I love the fabric and color choices! Yum-o!

Jinann said...

Love the bags! Were they hard to make? (Like I need another project.....sheesh!)

The ladybugs are really cool too!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bags, and I love the lady bird picture!

Theresa said...

Adorable bag!

Love the photo of the day.

R a i n said...

Hot damn! I love the bag you've made!!! Seriously. Gorgeous.