Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Projects for 2007

I have cast-on -itis! I can't stop casting on for new projects! I can already see that 2007 will be a great year for knitting new things. I have so many ideas and so many projects that I want to start!

Somebody stop me!

As for future projects – I would love to do more Fair Isle knnitting. I actually just purchased this pattern from Nordic Fiber Arts.

It's a mitten kit and it comes with yarn too – I selected Tan as my background color and Cranberry as the accent color.

I have been wanting to make this type of mittens for a while now - I just hope I will actually have a change to wear them this year - it's been so warm I haven't worn mittens or gloves at all lately! (Not that I'm complaining!)

I also plan to cast on for the Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style soon – I picked up some cool yarn (Paton’s SWS) in Natural Earth colorway. I think it will set off this pattern beautifully.

I also still plodding away on a top down sweater of my own design. I am using this gorgeous yarn – Araucania Nature Wool.

Here is the color I am using:

The dye lot I have is actually a lot more variegated than this images suggests – some portions are almost white – while others are a light to medium lovely bluish color. I bought an entire bag at Stitches East and some of the skeins have more color than others – so to avoid a noticeable different when changing skeins – I decided to use two skeins at once and alternate strands. This is helping to give it a much more uniform look and so far I love the fabric is it creating. I am knitting on size US 7s and I feel like it’s taking me forever!

I was the proud recipient of 4 – yes 4! - of Barbara Walker’s books in her series “A Treasury of Knitting Patterns” for my birthday and Christmas from the wonderful Nicol and so I think I am going to add a cool cable or something down the middle of the sweater front (instead of going bored to tears with just plain stockinette.) The basic pattern is from a class I took at Stitches East on the “Unpattern” Top Down Sweaters.

I like the idea of having this basic plain sweater pattern and then having the option to make it more decorative by adding cables, or lace or a trim of some kind.

I also finished up a project that had been sitting 90% done for a few months now.

All I had to do was attach handles and the ribbon to this baby and she was ready for a night on the town! I made this while in New Mexico over the summer/fall – in one evening in my hotel room. It was such a quick knit and great for someone new to cables. The free pattern is available here.

I was back in New Mexico last week on Thursday and Friday for a brief visit. (Actually it was for a party celebrating the grand opening of a new building where I was working last fall!)

There was snow everywhere! It was so beautiful to see everything covered with a layer of snow. Especially since we haven’t seen any yet back in Maryland. I was with four other co-workers and dragged them up Sandia Mountain to see the whole city under snow.

They went up kicking and screaming – but once they got up there – they were happy they went. I tell ya – people just aren’t adventurous!! I did get to have some of my ‘ole favorites again – A big plate of Santa Fe cakes for breakfast and a stuffed Sopapilla with green chilies for dinner. Yum!


Large Marge said...

You got to see snow!?! I'm jealous!
The bag came out great.

Anonymous said...

Great bag! and the mountain picture is awesome.

Lolly said...

sopapillas and green chiles?!? aw, I miss NM!

Love the little purse!

Thanks for that link you sent around re: copyright. Great read!