Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Mexican sunsets

I’m in Albuquerque this week. Working crazy hours and not really enjoying myself too much. It took me forever to get here on Sunday. I left the house at 1:00 and didn’t get to my hotel until 8:30. That is NOT going to happen again because I decided I am not going to travel on Sundays anymore. Ha! I am going to leave Monday – get paid for my travel time and then work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and leave Friday.

I am definitely not used to this travel for work thing. Anyone out there travel for work weekly? Any advice?

I packed lots of knitting –
1. a Clapotis that I started using some gorgeous sky blue yarn I got at the Sheep and Wool – I hate to say it – but I don’t remember the name of the place I got it from. It didn’t have a tag and I forgot to write down the name of the place. Oh well – I’ll just look for her again next year.
2. the Flower Basket Shawl – I’m using a fingering weight Alpaca in charcoal gray. (This is after trying to use lace weight and nearly pulling out my hair when I dropped a stitch!)
3. the mittens I started at the last Sunday in the Salon at Woolwinders – but duh! I forgot to pack the pattern!!) – I’m using left over wool from other projects.
4. My magic loop sock. I am using the gorgeous handspun from Mindseyeyarn – which I totally love.

I haven’t had much time for knitting anything though! Except for the plane ride – where I knit on the Clapotis for 4 hours straight – I really haven’t had much time. Weekly travelers – let me ask you another question…. Do you have time to knit? I found that I get out of work – go to dinner and by the time I get back to the hotel – it’s nearly time to go to sleep!
I spoke to my hubby last night and he said my older dog Bailey is taking me being gone really hard. He is acting up – (ate one of my knitting needles, ate puppies food and threw up!) which he normally never does. He said the puppy (Hurley) is also acting weird – instead of being his normal rambunctious self – he’s been quiet and laying in his bed – instead of wanting to play constantly like he usually does. It’s like the two dogs switched places!

I feel so bad that they miss me! My husband – put me on speaker phone and told me to talk to the dogs – well they apparently heard me and they both perked up and started wagging their tails and looking around.

I miss my boys!!

I did have a good dinner last night - went to a place called El Pinto and had some New Mexican cuisine. Pretty tasty! I wish I had gotten done sooner - I would have tried to find the Albuquerque sit and knit. I didn't get back to the hotel until 8:30! I swear - I have no idea what happens to the time out here.

Oh well - there's always next week.

I miss everyone back east!!


Debby said...

Hi Jody,

I travel usually once a year for work. It's not easy. When one of us isn't home, the cats are restless. One of them guards me, he sits on the edge of our bed so as to look out the door and make sure no one is coming that shouldn't be. The other one mopes around, and doesn't eat, which stinks because he's the one with the medical issues and *needs* to eat. The other could stand to lose weight! Somehow they get through it, and forget nearly as soon as you're home. But one time, when my husband was in the hospital, it was too long and "his" cat was taking it really hard (he bit me and looked as if to say, "what did you do with him?" so I tried to have him talk over the phone! :)

Hope you get home safe and sound. I fly home the moment I'm done with work -- can't stand to be gone that long and I'm sure you want to be home too!

Diane said...

When I traveled for work I always left on Monday morning and got back Friday afternoon. Why cut into time with my family to travel? It takes a while but you'll fall into the routine.

Advice? I never really unpacked my travel bag. All my mix and match outfits only came out to be washed, dried and put back in the bag. I wore the same jewlery so that always stayed in the bag. So did shoes, pantyhose, etc.

I always picked up used paperbacks to take on the road. That way if I misplaced a book I didn't really care. I also took along at least 3 knitting projects. Pack healthy snacks so you don't eat crap out of motel vending machines.

I was a trainer so I'd take my knitting with me everywhere. If I had 10 minutes of downtime I'd be knitting.

Lolly said...

I missed you at Knit Nite! We have to get the chance to talk more next time.

I am so suprememly jealous of your NM trip. I love Albuquerque! I grew up in SE NM (Roswell!) so NM is so special to me ;)

Rebecca said...

Hi Jody,
Sounds like things are pretty busy for you here in Albuquerque at the moment.

If you get a chance next week we will be knitting at the Satellite Coffee shop on Central (across from the University) from about 5pm - 7pm.

Hope you're enjoying the land of enchantment.

Have a great weekend.

Holly Anne said...

We miss you, too!!!!! I found that even traveling around on vacation this week , the only thing I can do well while traveling is hats. You just keep knitting in the round and can do this for as little or as long as yuo need to, and is completely mindless at the end of a busy day. Socks would normally be this way, but the only socks I'm working right now are a pattern that I have shown time and time again that I mess up when I'm tired.
I'm sooo glad to hear that you will be travleing Mon and Fri from now on. Does this mean Sun knitting is back on?
I can't wait to hear from you!