Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm fine!!

I got a call from my doctor (well the flunky again) and the scan was fine! Thank you everyone for all your hugs and support - I'm very glad everything is ok

I went to my sit and knit last night and was very happy to see Shelby there! We also had two other new comers - we are growing larger every week - yeah!

I worked on my second mitten last night - but I didn't get very far - too much gabbing for me!

After sit and knit I went with my friend Holly and her daughter for a quick Geocache. I made the mistake of mentioning this hobby/sport to her and now she is obsessed!! I let her borrow the GPS for a trip to Pittsburgh - I hope she finds lots of treasure! I am married to a nerd who loves gadgets - so if you are too or are one yourself - here's the scoop on Geocaching... it's even fun for a non gadget nerd - at least it gives you something to go out looking for while on a hike!

I leave for Albuquerque on Sunday - I am going to be traveling for work quite a bit in the next few months. I actually looked into a sit and knit in Albuquerque and I think I found one - yeah! I hope to meet some fellow knitters while I am out there because God knows I can't be without my stitch and bitch buddies for too long!


Polly said...

CONGRATS! And a great way to celebrate: You should hope over to Vegas and see me. I could totally show you a fun time here.. though the knitting blows seriously. I mean how often are on this side of the continent?!

Diane said...

Glad the scan was fine but still concerned about what's causing these issues. Sending virtual hugs to wish you well.

Christi said...


Glad to hear that you are ok.

I've spent the last hour going through all of the blogs to find you.

I'm going to have to get a GPS now, I'be been wanting one forever, but now I think I will have to work it into my Knitting budget. GPS, knitting, how far is the next yarn store, right?

Anyways, I'm excited now.

Anonymous said...

hey.. tuesdays at the flying star in albq is the abq SNB... email scout to see if they will have visitors from back east....

Anonymous said...

I emailed scout... they are always open to guests from other places. Go to her blog and you will find the link.