Monday, February 27, 2006

It's just another Manic Monday

I hate Mondays! Especially when the weekend was so great. I love when I have a perfect weekend - but it never seems to last. I had just the right amount of fun and relaxation this weekend. It's rare to get an even split like that. Usually it's one or the other.

This weekend started out with a celebration dinner! DH got a raise - yeah! I took him to this Japanese restaurant I kept meaing to take him to. Tempura - yum! He got his Asian food fix and we had a nice evening.

Saturday was filled with shopping and cleaning up and installing all kinds of stuff. We finally got my cool bookshelf put together. I love it - it's totally cubular! Sorry - bad joke. Anyway - DH also installed my ceiling fan in my office. It's very retro/modern. We cleaned up a bit more in the bedroom and I hope next weekend I can finally hang up pictures and curtains in the nook.

We went to a party Saturday night at Pam and Steve's new place. It looks amazing! It started out as this run down rancher and it's not a 2 story house with two decks and a vaulted ceiling family room, new garage, new bathrooms and new kitchen. it's amazing what can be done in a year! They had some fabulous Indian food including samosas and lassies. To top off the evening - they had a bellydancer come in! It was strangely erotic in a weird kind of way. Her belly could move in ways I've never seen before! All the guys were standing there mouths agog! it was kind of like being a fly on the wall of a bachelor party!

After the magical bouncing belly - we played abit of table tennis - love it! and headed home.

the second half of the weekend was the relaxing half. Test drove a Mini (yes DH thinkgs they are cool and has a new car itch! _ After realizing he can't fit in one we went home). I knitted the rest of the day and finished my second booga bag - yippee! Now I just need to felt it and make the handles.

Too cool.

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