Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is Valentines day today and we are going out to dinner at Helen's Garden. I can't wait! I hope I get a nice present! :D

I'm so tired today though. My mind is wondering and I can't concentrate. Why is it that whenever I'm at work - all I can think about is working on other things? I want to knit, sew, write, and design. I get some many ideas - but I can't act on them. Then - when I get home - I find myself sitting on my couch instead of doing the things I was thinking about doing all day. Take last night for example. I decide to skip my guitar lesson so I get some work done on my quilt. The top is done - but I still need to get the backing and batting on it. So - I left work somewhat on time and start driving home. I hit traffic - so I exit early and find myself in Laurel. Oh - I haven't been in Laurel for a while I think to myself. Why dont I check out the local strip mall. I hit Ross and buy plants and dishes for above the cabinets, (more decorating), towels for the powder room, and then head to Michaels. I browse the yarn for a while (god knows I don't need anymore - I still have like 3 projects I haven't started yet!)

Anyway - I spend all this time looking around that by the time I get home - it's almost 8. I end up parked in front of the TV watching the olympics and knitting a sock. I did nothing on the quilt. So - another evening wasted? I still feel tired today - so maybe I should go home and take a nap.

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