Monday, January 18, 2010

Spinning up a sweater

I've been spinning up worsted weight yarns with an idea in mind... an idea to use them to knit a sweater. I wasn't quite sure what would work together but I just picked things I liked. I spun up about 2 pounds so far! Definitley enough for a sweater - now I just have to pick what kind of sweater. I'm thinking a basic top down raglan V neck.

Here's the yarn:

Future handspun sweater!

Click on the picture and go to Flickr for details on each of the yarns.

My favorites are definitely these three:
Future handspun sweater!

I recently spun up this Pigeonroof Studios
Pigeonroof Studios

It was the first time I've ever spun Pigeonroof and I now know why so many people love it! It's a joy to spin and the colors are amazing!

I also had 4 oz of Hello Yarn's Turkey attack stashed away for a rainy day...

Hello Yarn's Turkey attack

You may remember this as the same roving I used to spin and knit mittens last year.

Another fiber artist that I have fallen in love with in the course of this project is Wool Gatherings:
I found her on ebay and bought a braid - this one:

Wool Gathering fiber

and after spinning it immediately went back online and bought a second one:

Wool Gathering fiber

The before pics are quite interesting - the BFL fiber she used on these was two toned before she dyed it. It gives such depth to the colors.

Wool Gatherings Fiber

I also spun up a bag of mystery fiber I bought at Rhinebeck. I really wish I knew what it was! I got a bag of pencil roving and there was no name or fiber content or anything on it! Of course I forgot to write down the name of the vendor - my bad! But it is beautiful:

Mystery fiber

I think this will be my Olympic knitting project. I can't wait to start!


Anonymous said...

My goodness your hand spun is so beautiful! I am just learning to spin and that is going to be one amazing sweater!!!

Zonda said...

Beautiful handspun! Can't wait to see the sweater you knit!

Ruth's Place said...

Wow! The handspun is beautiful, and so much of it. The sweater is going to be fabulous.

turtlegirl76 said...

So beautiful! I love the way it looks all plied up and barber poley. It'll make a great sweater!

Lyn said...

Your handspun is weonderful! If you rearrange the order a bit, it's almost like a gradient set!

chacha / Jen said...

That yarn will make such a lovely, colorful sweater! Can't wait to see it take shape!

turtle64 said...

Beautiful yarns!! Socks are surely calling you!

Michelle said...

Oh my beautiful! I am so thrilled you are going to knit a handspun sweater!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

All the yarn is so pretty, but I really love all the colors in the mystery fiber. I can't wait to see your sweater. I know it will be just lovely. :)