Thursday, January 07, 2010

Seeing in new ways

Doing Project 365 has been very inspiring to me so far. I am thinking about photography everywhere I go. I carry my little camera with me in my purse at all times (no - not my giant Nikon - my little Nikon Coolpix) just in case something cool appears.

As I wander through my day - I have been taking little snapshots of my surrounds. I ate lunch on Tuesday at this cute little Thai place and it resulted in these:

Yummy spicy soup!

Thai soup

And these cool statues on the wall:

Thai statues

Another day after work - I was leaving the building and looked up to see this amazing sky and light on the flags outside my building - a site I've probably walked by "unseeing" daily for 5 years!

Flags over USDA

I was eating gummy bears when I thought - hey! these would make a cool picture! So I took one:

Gummy bears

And how can I not take a picture of my two best guys when they look so cute!



So - my eyes have been opened in a way to the beauty around me. It's been hard to pick just one photo a day for this project but even my "rejects" give me a smile.


Monika said...

I love the spicy soup, the gummi bears, and your adorable pups! Those photos are just great! (They are all intersting, but one is allowed to have fav's,right?)

bySarah said...

gummy bears!

bySarah said...

oops, sorry, I got distracted. great pics, I am glad you have so much inspiration.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oooooo, these photos are beautiful ! I love and miss thai food. Those hanging figurines are gorgeous. I love all of the photos !