Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wine in the Woods

I helped out at the Far Eastern Shore Winery at Wine in the Woods. My good friends Tien and Tara are the owners.

To quote from their website:
"Far Eastern Shore Winery is a family-owned, boutique micro-winery located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, in the historic town of Easton.

We produce less than 200 cases of each of our wines annually, so we hand-fill and label each and every bottle!

While we would enjoy your company in touring our facility, our zoning does not currently permit us to do this. Right now, you can only sample our wines at the Maryland Wine Festivals!

We are in the process of expanding both our production capacity as well as our wine selection, so be sure to visit our website frequently to check up on our progress!"

I highly recommend checking them out!

It was a very successful busy day!

This was the only picture I got to take before I dove in to start working. The crowds were out in force.

Wine in the Woods

Here's Tien looking at the day's tally...

Wine in the Woods

And here's Tara (in black) after the crowds were gone.

Wine in the Woods

It was a busy day and everyone loved the wine. I may have to go back today and actually walk around!


Trillian42 said...

Fun! I saw your post about it, and were we not already committed to a wedding (also on the Eastern Shore), we probably would have tried to make it over.

mrspao said...

Looks like fun :)