Friday, May 15, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Happy Spring everyone!!

It's gorgeous outside today and I'm so excited for tomorrow! I'll be heading to Wine in the Woods. If you live in Maryland - stop by the Far Eastern Shore booth. I'll be working there from 3-6 pouring their wines. The owners are good friends of mine - so come out and give them a taste!

All the rain leading up to the past few nice days have caused my flowers to pop!! I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

Here's some Friday eye candy from my yard.


Peony bud







My front steps

Have a great weekend!


Mary Ellen said...

These are gorgeous! What size lens are you using on your camera?

cici said...

Gorgeous photos as usual.Great eye candy right in your very own backyard♥

Zonda said...

Fabulous photos!!! The close up on that ant is amazing. Have fun at the wine tasting :)

Sereknitty said...

Oh your alliums are lovely as is your front door! I giggled when I saw the peony bud with the ants on it ... I was new to gardening at the tune and when I saw all the ants crawling on my beloved peonies, I 'bombed' them, thinking they were pests -- little did I know that they actually helped to open the bloom up :)! Gorgeous photos!

Emily said...

Wow - beautiful flowers and photos! Very inspiring! I hope you have a great time at Wine in the Woods. :)

Jen said...

awesome photos! Your yard looks incredible! Hope you had fun at Wine in the Woods. Went last yr was a bit muddy. G & I are thinking about going maybe tomorrow? we'll see.

mrspao said...

Your garden looks amazing. What is the name of the first flower? If I remember rightly it has a very pungent and lovely scent.

Jinann said...

Awesome photos! Love the one with the ant - very cool!