Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sewing 101?

I had my second night of "Intro to Sewing" at Joann's yesterday. I went back - even though I didn't want to. I went back for the sake of actually learning to sew. The last time I was there - I was insulted, yelled at, and laughed at - all by the instructor!! So I really wasn't too keen on returning - but I figured how bad could it be - and I really want to learn how to read a pattern and make clothes. So I go back.

Well - it was not "sew" great this time either (sorry - bad pun). The instructor was again her same militant self. "Is this sewing camp of basic training?" I whispered to my table mate.

I tell ya - for an intro to sewing class teacher - she was not very understanding when you asked a question. She laughed and/or yelled when you made a mistake and she then held up said mistake for the entire class to see. Wonderful!

We all got our fair share of greif from her - but it didn't help that I was the only person there making a pair of XL pajama pants while everyone else was working on a S or M size and the pattern only went to L - so I had to "fudge" mine to get it to be the right size. She couldn't walk by me without yelling out my hip size or saying - you better give yourself an extra inch in the waist. I mean come on! She was no petite flower herself!

OK - deep breaths.... I am still debating if I want to return for the third and final class - I really don't want to - but I want to finish those damn pants!


Beth said...

Yikes! I'd go for the third class just for the possibility of filling out an instructor evaluation survey. Take what you can from it, leave her bad attitude and insults there, and if they have a manager or head instructor for the class area, I'd mention it to them or maybe even request that someone official sit in on the class. Insulting teachers aren't good for anyone involved.

laura said...

I'd go back because you paid for it, but I'd also speak to the manager.

Her behavior is unacceptable and you certainly didn't pay to be yelled at and insulted. I mean.. you can get that for free from knit night! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Beth, Jody. Perhaps if a manager audited a class for 15 minutes the business would understand what their customers are purchasing for their class fee. If others in the class dislike her lack of courtesy or professionalism they may have already spoken up.

Good luck and see you Thursday.

Theresa said...

What an awful experience! I hope the class includes an ending eval.

Cute hats!

Coleen said...

Wow. That sucks. I really hope you talk to the manager and be very clear about how rude and hateful the instructor was. I like Beth's idea about asking the manager to sit in on one of the classes.

Anonymous said...

You have more will power then I do.. I would have lost it on the lady! Goodness gracious hopefully you do not have to pay for that rudness!... Hope you do figure out how to sew properly and once you get really good then you can start your own class and show her how your SUPPOSED to teach! :)

Diane said...

You know I use to supervise customer service for a living and I found the most effective way to deal with a difficult person is deal with them as if you don't understand why they are treating you poorly. Saying something like, "Why are you laughing at my question? I'm just trying to learn a new skill" or "Since we're both adults here do you really think yelling is appropriate?" "Of course I made a mistake. I'm trying to learn to sew and you are being paid to teach me."

Usually someone who is mean or a bully will back right off once called on the carpet.

Shelby said...

Oh my goodness- this sounds like a nightmare! I'd absolutely go back and make sure the manager knows how she treated the class. It's just not called for! She should be excited about teaching a new group a craft that she loves enough to be able to teach it. Someone needs a kick in the butt!

Knittymama said...

Down with mean sewing teachers!!!

Nic said...

And if you complain you might get something out of it ;)

Jena said...

I would definitely make a formal complaint to the store manager and maybe to the corporate office, BEFORE the next class (so they can observe, but then again, she might not do it if they are watching...)
#1) You shouldn't be disrespected by a teacher.
#2) She seems to be oblivious to what good teaching methods are.
#3) For a learn-to-sew class, the project should be suitable to EVERYBODY. (There are plenty of bigger size patterns out there, trust me. I'm a plus-size gal myself.)
#4) You are not getting the experience you paid for.

Seriously, speak up... I'll bet the other class members agree.

Jinann said...

Definitely lodge a complaint....worst case, you may get your lessons for free. I find the whole situation disgusting. Doesn't she know that the average US woman is a size 14? In most cases a size 14 fits best in an XL (at least this 14+ does!!!!)

Laura said...

Oh, my heavens! I'd so lodge a complaint!

I know for a fact that there are pajama patterns that go up to XL!

One thing I would DEFINATELY do is go tothe 3rd class, finish off your jammies, and then have a chat with the manager regarding your experience. You shouldn't be insulted taking a class EVER!

Anonymous said...

Definitely complain to management. And then see if the county extension office has classes, or the Parks and Recreation department in your city. Our city has both, and both have excellent learn to sew classes. My teacher was actually a tailor and helped me adjust patterns to my "curves"--I was the only 3x woman.He was very sensitive to this fact, so I was grateful. He also recommended "Sewing for Dummies" for questions that I didn't have time to call him on. And lastly, you might even call the high school to see if the Home Ec. teacher knows anyone who teaches adults to sew. It never hurts to ask!