Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I finished weaving in my ends on my new hat - so I am now prepared to show it!

I love how it came out. I just used a basic hat pattern - one inch of ribbing of K1P1 and then I made up my own color work. I did a REALLY basic pattern that I wouldn't even really call a pattern per se - but it was two stranded color work and that was all I was after. My BIL would probably not have cared if I just did the stripes solid - but hey it was an opportunity to try something new and I took it.

(Is it wrong that I'm still proud of myself! hehehe... )

I also finished up a few felted bags for presents. This one is my favorite.
It's the buttonhole bag from Mason Dixon. I used two strands of Cascade 220 for the pink and lime green sections and Malabrigo for the dark green. I love putting two different kinds of yarn together on a felted bag - it gives it an extra dimension because every yarn felts differently. The Malabrigo is dense and soft - perfect for the handle - and the cascade is just a little fuzzy.

I added a pin - I think it really gives it a special touch.

This particular bag was intended for my sis-in-law.... yes I said WAS. I stole it! But then I made another one exactly like it. So much for no knitting for myself this month!

I also received a package from my coffee swap pal. I am so excited! There are so many goodies inside!

Two kinds of coffee that smell amazing.
A mug - with one of my favorite paintings on it
Andies Candies - mmmmm....
Shortbread cookes - double mmmm....
A set of notecards
Awesome yarn - Fearless Fiber in Glorious green - my favorite color! And my favorite thing - a small knitting bag with coffee cups on it.

I can't tell you how much I love this bag. It still smells like coffee and I can't stop sniffing it!

Thanks Anna!

Oh and better late than never - here's a funny pic from Monday's knit night - one phone - many colors to pick from!


Nic said...

Great job on the hat. It is really cute! If you didnt say anything it would be hard to guess it was a figure it out as you go. So who gets the pin for the buttonhole bag?

Coleen said...

wow! You are fast - I can't believe you finished that hat already! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hat and gorgeous bag. What a great package from your pal, the yarn I got still smells like coffee too! Just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You should be proud of that hat....keep bragging. Imagine your pattern around the chest of a sweater....lovely!

Shelby said...

I love the hat, and bag! I am sending my coffee swap package out tomorrow...I can't wait to see if she likes it! Looks like you got an amazing package!

Diane said...

Love the hat. Really love the bag. Good for you taking it to test before making one for your SIL. Wouldn't want to give her a bag from a pattern not well tested. LOL. The pin gives it a special touch for sure.

The coffee swap package looks yummy.

Anonymous said...


I seem to have come across a group of experts here. Is it hard work? It sure looks hard!

Jinann said...

Love the bag! It looks FABULOUS!