Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy holidays!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Hanukkah! It was a great first Christmas for me and my family!

Amelia got to see Santa for the first time...

Amelia and Santa

It was great fun watching her tear open her gifts - well... we helped!! Here she is in her Christmas outfit:

Merry Christmas Eve from reindeer Amelia!

We also did some crafting this holiday. We made this cute footprint reindeer!


I hope everyone had a great year - I know this has been a fabulous year for me!

Happy New year!!


Chris said...

She is precious--what a great first Christmas for her and you guys.

Lyn said...

She's just too adorable! Happy New Year's!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

She looks like a doll she is so cute!

Happy New Year to you and your deserve it girl! :)

Ok, next time, we want to see some knitting action taking place. :)

mrspao said...

Aww she is gorgeous!

Peeriemoot said...

Awww, so sweet :-). Happy New Year!