Monday, September 13, 2010

A day at the beach

I had the best weekend! The boys and I had a day at the beach. We went to Lewes DE and spent the day at Broadkill beach - a dog friendly beach that was mostly deserted and beautiful.

Broadkill beach

Hurley especially loved the beach! He got to run after his ball and jump in the waves. He is still mama's boy though and wasn't happy until he was sitting on my lap!

Broadkill beach

Broadkill beach

I guess it was the best vantage point to watch the people and dogs walk by.

Bailey had the entire beach blanket to himself. Although he didn't like the water as much as Hurley he still enjoyed sniffing the shells, sand, crabs, water, rocks, seagulls, seaweed,....

Broadkill beach

After the beach - a quick drive over to Rehobeth for dinner was followed up by a sunset walk on the boardwalk. It was a beautiful evening.

Sunset in Rehobeth

Sunset in Rehobeth

I'm so glad I got to go to the beach! I hope to make it back there again soon!


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KnitNurd said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm a new dog owner, and I'm just wondering, when you say you went to dinner and the boardwalk that evening, what did you do with your dogs? I like to go places a lot too, but hate the thought of leaving my puppy locked up in the bathroom at home alone, and yet, it's still too hot this time of year in Calif. to leave her in the car. I was considering a new home for her, but I'm so attached. :=(

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great photos!

cici said...

I agree, the beach is a great get away at anytime... Your photos are gorgeous as always..♥

Beadyjan said...

what lovely photos