Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spinning in the snow!

I've been climbing the walls during the last week - want to be anywhere but here! One of the many things I've been doing is spinning. I spun up 3 different rovings over the last few days.

This is Fat Cat roving:

Fat Cat Roving

262.0 yards of 2 ply light worsted

This is Creatively Dyed:

Creatively Dyed Roving

90 yards of Navajo 3Ply bulky
Cornwall colorway

And this is Hello Yarn:

Hello Yarn Roving

I just love the colors!
Hello Yarn Roving

190 yards of 2 ply worsted weight
Vibrant Colorway

There's also been knitting! I'm almost done - so I wont show you yet but I'm knitting Kernel from

Hope you are staying warm where ever you are!


Anonymous said...

I always find your spinning so inspiring... I can't wait for my folio to be finished so I can get back into things I want to spin! Thanks for posting your yarns.

Emily said...

So vibrant and springy! Perfect for blizzard spinning... :) They're gorgeous!

bySarah said...

You are making me want to halt the weaving and spin. SUCH BEAUTIFUL yarns!!

Homespun Yarn Party said...

Your pictures are always so pretty! I hope you'll enter some in the Homespun Yarn Party photo contest!