Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hamden lights hon!

Some friends and I went to Hamden in north Baltimore to see the famous 34th street lights. If you've never heard of Hamden of the lights - read this.

Thank goodness we went BEFORE the snow!

The entire street takes part in this tradition.


There's a Natty Bo themed house... can't get more B'more than that!


and a hub cap christmas tree!

Inside this house were even more crazy metal creations!


Yes - those are bras!

I had fun trying out some new photo techniques too!

Here's a holiday light bokeh... or two...

Hamden Bokeh

Hamden Bokeh

And some swirly pictures that I just love!

Hamden swirl

Hamden swirl

Hamden swirl

I got the idea for the swirly light effect from this article.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


bySarah said...

beautiful pics!

Theresa said...

Great pictures! We went to see the lights a few weeks ago. Geoff went once before when we were first dating. It was fun to take Henry with us. He liked it but also seem confused about why we were outside in the cold!

Ruth's Place said...


Our street in Australia was on the tour trail (we didn't decorate our house, but a few of the neighbours went insane with live carollers and all).

Love your pictures, there isn't a tradition of house decorating here in South Africa, and it's one thing I really miss.

Jinann said...

Awesome decorations! And I love the light pictures - too cool!