Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sketch'n Part IX

I did a series of watercolors recently that I wanted to share with you. The first is a series of birds. I gifted one to Sarah for her birthday.


Another is a series of octopi - I love these little guys!


Going back to the Sketchbook exchange I participate in - I finished my last sketchbook. I can't wait to get my own sketchbook back and see all the art that was done by the other 12 members of our swap.

In addition to several of the watercolors - I added these drawings to Peggy's sketchbook.

I made these Nesting Dolls run across the page - each with their own design. The mosaic cuts out two of the dolls in the middle - but you get the idea....

Nesting Dolls

And finally - I also drew some yellow birds...

Yellow Birds

I'm just back from New Orleans today. I was there for several days for a business trip. It was sooooo hot there I couldn't believe it. With the heat index it was over 110!

I'm glad to be home with my boys again!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
I love all your paintings!
Obviously, my bird is the best, but I also like the Octopii, and love the nesting dolls.

Keep on drawing, your stuff is so great!

chacha / Jen said...

I love the octopi--very fun!

Lyn said...

The bird watercolors are especially lovely! Maybe on notecards, an offering? I'd buy them!

Diane Doran said...

I love your watercolors - so cute!

Anonymous said...

All of the watercolors are great! Can't wait to see your finished book too.

Anonymous said...

hiJODY!! Oh I love the paintings!!!
I miss you! Dawn

jim doran said...

I love these.

Jinann said...

These are gorgeous! You're a very talented girl - wow!