Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More spinning

I've been spinning more and more lately! I just finished almost 600 yards of a lovely orange tweedy yarn - pics coming soon. But right before that one - I spun up a braid of Funky Carolina. It was my first time spinning her stuff and I loved it!

I got many comments on Flickr and Ravelry about how different the roving and the finished yarn look.

Here's the roving:
Funky carolina roving

And here's the yarn.

Funky Carolina Handspun

You can definitely see the colors are the same - but they are much more evened out and blended in the finished yarn. I'm really happy with how it came out! I have about 120 yards of two-ply in worsted weight.

Funky Carolina Handspun

I was going to make this part of the handspun shawl I am planning, but the colors don't seem to fit with the rest I have already spun. So - what to make with this one? Any ideas?

In knitting news - I had been in a bit of a slump - started a sweater - ripped it back out, knit one mitten - haven't started the second... but last night - I finally finished a sock I had been working on for ages.

It's knit out of this:


It's yarn that I dyed with Sarah two years ago. I really love the color and so does everyone who sees it! I have already gotten requests from my mom, my husband and a couple friends for a pair in the same yarn. It's one of a kind I said! (Well - actually 1 of 2 - since Sarah and I each have a skein... Guard it well Sarah!!)

Now I just have to start the second one and I may eventually have something to show you!!

Until then - have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I love your new handspun...
And someone won my skein of that color in a contest - maybe Mrs Pao? Anyway, i dont have it anymore, but I cant wait to see your sock anyway.

subliminalrabbit said...

wow, that's gorgeous!

Monika said...

Your handspun is gorgeous! It's enough for a hat or a cowl.

FugueStateKnits said...

I don't know which I like more, the spinning or the plying! It's lovely handspun!

Sereknitty said...

That yarn looks so 'springy'! It's still cold here, so I'm still thinking hats -- that would be a very cheery one, in those yummy colours.

Stacey said...

Very nice! That handspun is beautiful......I love seeing the roving vs finished yarn!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful handspun. You make me want to go learn. But DH said no more new hobbies. *whine*

Zonda said...

Beautiful handspun! Sorry...I have no ideas to help though :)

Esoteric Knitter said...

love your handspun, soooo pretty

Jinann said...

I can't get over how different the yarn looks from the roving! They're both gorgeous!

Rhonda said...

Your handspun is so gorgeous!Isn't spinning relaxing? It's the closest thing I've found to meditation (once you get it figured out).
Sending prayers for you and John during his chemo.