Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's been a while! I wish I had some knitting to show to you - but I got nothin'!

So instead - I am going to share some crazy pictures I found!

Take a look at these!

Old times

My 3rd grade, my dance class from when I was around 6 or 7, a church youth group trip to VA beach and backpacking in Europe after college.

I found a stash of old pictures this weekend and posted a bunch of facebook. Have you gone on there? It's a crazy place where you find all your old friends! I can't believe the connections I've made!

One of the "meme's" going around Facebook lately is 25 things. I'd thought I'd share it with you all too:


1. I have played the flute, piccolo, piano and giutar in my lifetime. The only one I still occassionally pick up is my giutar. Sadly it sat untouched for years until I took lessons just a few years ago!

2. I love to travel and I have visited 19 countries: Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxemborg, France, Spain, Belgium, England, Scotland, Wales, Iceland, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Mexio, Aruba, and Canada. I am still kicking myself for not jumping a boat to Africa when I was in Spain! I could see it from the top of the Rock of Gibralter!

3. I studied abroad in England for a semester and saw 25 plays for my theatre class. One of my favorites was actually called "Shopping and F*cking". I was in the 2nd row maybe a little too close to the action! Minnie Driver was also in the audience and I had a better seat! Gotta love the student ID.

4. I kissed a Hairy Coo in Scotland. It was slimy.

5. I stole my first pint glass with Aimee Ferris in Luxemborg in 1998. I thought for sure the police would come after us and lock us away in some scary prison. Turns out - It was the first of many - and today I have a rather large collection of stolen pint glasses! Each with their own story.

6. I was an English major in college and still can't believe I now work with a computer software. I always said being an English major was a major in the art of bullshit - I can talk my way into anything!

7. I still love to read and admit to being a book snob - my favorite book in the world in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude. I dream of finding the next book that will affect me in the same way.

8. I backpacked through Europe after college and during a night train trip from Vienna to Budapest a strange Tunisian man proposed to me and offered 8 camels for my hand in marriage.

9. I love all things crafty - knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, quilting - there just isn't enough time in the day!

10. I have made some wonderful friends online through my blog - they everywhere from Africa to Albuquerque. I even got to meet some of them while working in Albuquerque. What did we do before the internet!

11. I love green chilies and think everyone should go have some Santa Fe cakes right now! (A Santa Fe cake is a pancake with green chilies, pine nuts and blue corn - yum!)

12. When I was little I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer. Didn't everyone?

13. I grew up and lived in the same house in Easton PA for 18 years - until leaving for college. A few years later my parents moved to my grandparent's house up the street. Even though it's only a few blocks away - I still miss "my house!" I still drive by and visit it when I'm home.

14. The first concert I ever want to was Milli Vanilli - and it wasn't even real! I still like that song "Blame it on the Rain"

15. I once sang backup for a band called Phaser. We performed at the Black Cat in DC. Singing on stage had been a dream of mine since childhood. I was so nervous! The one time was enough :)

16. I know someone named Jenny (well Jen) who's real phone number was 867-5309. (sing it if you don't know what I'm talking about)

17. I worked in Washington DC for years and can get anywhere using the Metro. I have never once drove there and would be completely lost if I tried.

18. I used to work for the Smithsonian as a trainer and everyone thought it was so cool that I got see "behind the scenes" The truth of the matter is the "behind the scenes" was not very glamerous. My "training rooms" often consisted of folding tables and lots of junk in dark basement rooms. Still - it was fun to take my lunch hour looking at dinosaurs or First ladies! One of my training sites was literally in the Bat cave at the National Zoo. Dispite the dank smelly locale - it was next to the lion den and it made my day every morning to hear the lions roar.

19. I always have a song stuck in my head - usually the last song I hear. I have to mute the TV when ever a commercial comes on for Empire carpets or Free Credit Report.com - those songs will haunt me for hours! Rright now it's the Price is Right theme song - cheesy 70's theme music. Ack! My friends call me "Jukebox Jody" because I can whip out a song for any situation.

20. I have to sleep on the right side of the bed.

21. I once wrote a novel in a month for NaNoWriMo. It sucked!!

22. When I was little I used to eat Peanut Butter, ketchup and pickle sandwiches.

23. Whenever I sit down on a chair - I have to sit on one of my legs. I'm just not comfortable otherwise! Sometimes I pull up both and sit "yoga" style.

24. I like to put Peanut butter in my chilli. My husband gets really insulted when I do this to his chili - so I sometimes have to go on a stealth peanut butter mission. The dogs always give me away though since Peanut butter is their favorite thing ever.

25. I am absolutely blessed to be back in touch with so many old friends!

I'm not going to tag anyone - but if you want to share 25 things - please leave me a comment so I can ready yours!


Trillian42 said...

Hee - #12, 19, and 23 - me too!!!

And I know what you mean about Facebook. I've found so many people there that I haven't seen in forever!

TheDaughterOfTyr said...

I can't believe how many people I've run back into on facebook!
Thanks for sharing your photos!

cici said...

that was so fun! Thanks. I'm on facebook as cecicarry, look for me. My babysis loves it. I <3 that commercial Free Credit Report dot com. It always get stuck in my head too. Thanks for the memories :] I will see if I can think of 25, I will let you know if I do.

Stacey said...

I think we all danced as kids - i think I had that same costume!!! :) Lots of interesting facts - I wish I have visited as many places as you!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun pics!

Anonymous said...

That's the best meme list I've ever read.

Stitchify said...

Very nice. That was fun! Thanks for sharing.

mrspao said...

Peanut butter in chilli sounds quite nice :)

Great photos. I've enjoyed being on FB and seeing old friends.

Chris said...

No tag please. I still haven't learned to get around on facebook but I am there. Oh my hubby likes to eat p-nut butter sandwiches with his chili--does that count?