Monday, November 24, 2008

Patapsco in the Early Freezing Morning!

Sunday morning (early!) Larissa, Kim and I headed out for a hike/photography session at Patapsco State Park. After starting our engines with some coffee from Panera - we headed out!

We took the Cascade Trail which winds around the woods following a stream.
Here is the start of the trail:

Patapsco State Park.

The morning light was beautiful coming through the trees and even though it was freezing - we were too busy looking around in awe to care...

Patapsco State Park

We reached the Cascade Falls not long after we started. The water level throughout the park seems to be rather low and it was no different at the falls. The volume of water seemed on the low side, but it still made a picturesque spot for some photography.

Cascade Falls

Besides the larger main falls - there were plenty of little mini falls and rapids...
Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

And in case you don't believe me that it was cold... check out the ice formations!

Cascade Falls

Ice Bubbles

I couldn't get over these ice "bubbles". I have never seen anything like this before! So so cool.
Ice Bubbles

This frozen twig baffles my mind:

Frozen twig

How the heck did that happen?! It's encased in a solid inch of ice on all sides!

It was fun to learn a little more about the settings on my camera. I played around with f-stops and shutter speed a bit more than normal. I think I ended up with some good shots.

Cascade Falls

Larissa and Kim were great teachers!

Cascade Falls

Kim brought her tripod and was practising long exposures - she got some great shots too - take a look at her site if you get a chance.

Larissa and I were prone to wander a bit more though and went ahead to see more of the park. We found some great little settings like this serene little waterfall and pool:

Patapsco State Park

The crazy ice formations didn't end at the main falls either - we saw this in the frozen mud near the small waterfall:


Ice crystals! It reminded me of Superman's ice cave!

There lots of other little treasures around too...

Patapsco State Park

Patapsco State Park

Patapsco State Park

After our hike to the falls - we headed back to the main parking area in the Orange Grove section of the park and spent some time at the Swinging bridge.

The Swinging Bridge

The water was so calm and reflective - such a beautiful day!

Patapsco State Park

I was a site in handknits that day too - I wore my new Fading Cables hat and an old Multi-directional scarf.


Go check out Sarah's blog for the hat pattern.

Here are some better pics of the hat:

Fading Cables Hat

Fading Cables Hat

I just love how the cables get smaller and smaller towards the top. An awesome pattern made even much luscious with some M-M-Malabrigo yarn.

*Sigh* I love it!


Monika said...

Oh, wow - wonderful pictures of your hike!!!

maitai said...

wow, those are great photos. i love all of the ice! i can't believe how cold it was.

Stacey said...

what a beautiful day! I bet it was warmer than the 13 degrees I woke up to that morning! love the ice formations - so cool!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Beautiful pictures. The rocks look like they are covered in diamonds! Love the hat and scarf, too. :)

turtlegirl76 said...

When I grow up as a photographer, I wanna be just like you.

jillian said...

Awesome photos! Almost makes me miss winter weather. Almost

Pheelya said...

etThose are beautiful pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous.
I just made one of them your desktop background.

Theresa said...

Pretty pictures! And I love that hat. The green is so pretty with your eyes.

danielle said...

Wow! Amazing photos! I've been wanting to go for a hike and now I'm even more motivated. The hat is super cute.

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures! I would love to visit this place with that camera! Very nice indeed, very autumnal.

Anonymous said...

WOW Jody!! I am touched as per usual by your photos. That twig IS a wonder of the world! Such beauty you've captured.
Thanks for sharing it.
xo dawna

Sereknitty said...

I can only aspire to your photographic talent -- stunning!

I immediately went over and downloaded the hat pattern -- thanks for that -- I needed something a little different for a gift and this is perfect.

Zonda said...

Just beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Great hat too, thanks for the link!

Brigita said...

Beautiful pictures; that park seems like an amazing place to visit.

mrspao said...

It looks like someone wrapped that rock in bubble wrap. What an incredible day. I love your hat - it's a beautiful colour.

Julie said...

What great pictures and the hat looks wonderful.

Lucy said...

I echo these sentiments. Those shots of the woods are so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!!

Heidi said...

Ah, only you could make me miss Maryland weather....Congrats on the V&L write up. I always knew you where a knitting rock star :)

mel said...

Wow - beautiful shots!! What a beautiful place to go hiking - makes me want to pack up & head for the hills :) Thank you for sharing!