Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hi all! Sorry I've been MIA for a week or so - I was busy studying for the PMP exam. I took it yesterday morning and I passed! Woohoo!!

I am very excited and relieved - it was a very large study effort and now I'm happy to say that I am a certified Project manager.

Getting back to where I left off - I wanted to show you some pictures of Sarah and my trip Newport, RI.

About the titld - totally random reference...

Do you remember when we were little and we played the MASH game? Masion - Apartment - Shack - House? Well these people obviously did very well on that game...

This place should be called the land of mansions! I swear - everywhere you look there are amazing houses and HUGE mansions.

The first thing we did was walk along the water on the "Cliff Walk". This walk takes takes you along the shore line and gives you a grand view of all the mansions along the coast.

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

One of the grandest and largest mansions is The Breakers.

Cliff Walk

This is a massive mansion overlooking the sea.

Here are some additional views of the Cliff walk:

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

After walking along the sea side for a while, we headed to the front sides of the mansions for a different perspective. Here is The Breakers front gate.

August 08 341

The Breakers Mansion

Next door to The Breakers is Salve Regina University. Can you imagine going to school here with these mansions as your neighbors?

Salve Regina Universiry in Newport

After the mansion tour, we took a drive around the island. More amazing homes and beach views were everywhere.


Beach in Newport

After a quick lunch, we went downtown for some shopping. The marina is so cute!

Downtown Newport

Downtown Newport

Black Dog

It was a great day trip and we were lucky to have great weather too. It threatened rain all day - but luckily held off. On the drive home - I made Sarah stop to look at these awesome lotus blossoms.

Lotus blossoms


Lotus blossoms

What an amazing day!

What - you came here for knitting?


Here's my progress on the February Lady Sweater - my olympic event!

February Lady Sweater progress

I love it so far - I'm using the yarn I dyed with Sarah. I hope I can finish it before the Olympics are over!


Stacey said...

What a perfect day! I love Newport - so much to see and do - can you believe I've never done the cliff walk??!!??

Robert said...

your pics are lovely as USUAL, however, that sweater is AWESOME!!!!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way the yarn is knitting up!!

mrspao said...

Congratulations on passing your exams. Newport Mansions are just incredible, aren't they? We stopped to have a little look when we were on honeymoon.

Kerry said...

Congrats on passing!!!

I wish I could have gone along with you on your trip. Magnificent! I love old architecture and am in awe with your photos.

February Lady is coming along nicely. Love the self-dyed yarn!!!

Stitchify said...

Congratulations on passing the exam!!!!!!
Wow, what a fun trip!
Glad you had the chance to go play. =)

jillian said...


Wow - that's some incredible scenery!

Anonymous said...

You've just made Newport one of the places I must visit before I die! Gorgeous shots and I love the color you're using for the Lady's Feb. Sweater.

gnomegarden said...

I am glad you are back!! I missed your pics and tales! Lovely, sweater and yarn and stitch marker!
oh, and I HAVE YER SKETCHBOOK!! nah nah nah nah naaaah!
Congrats on the test too-- what is it for?

Mia said...


And I guess growing up as a military brat MASH always meant something else to me. But They do have some nice cottages up there. Well they call them cottages.

maitai said...

wow, those are some amazing houses! it reminds me of homes i'd see in france.

your sweater looks great so far! beautiful color yarn

brsmaryland said...

Congrats on your certification!

We almost planned our summer vacation to Newport but are going to Boston instead. Looks like we should keep Newport on the short list. Great photos.

Love your sweater. That's on the list too ;-)

cici said...

welcome back and congratulations!! Lovely pictures as usual. This place is pretty incredible. Your FLS is a beauty.. :D

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I apparently missed some of your photos -- or you didn't put all of them up on Flickr. That top shot is TERRIFIC... and I like the close crops of the gates, too. I was at the Cliff Walk last year but was too out of shape and winded to enjoy it much. I'm back on track and look forward to a "second chance."
Congratulations on the PMP. (And please get a job at Raytheon so they get their heads out of their... well, you know!!)

Anonymous said...

Your vacation photos are great!

My husband took the same test a year ago and he holds the same certification as well! He is also now involved in the board of that group as well.

Kind of cool. Congrats!

Jane (the first one)

Anonymous said...

Your vacation photos are great!

My husband took the same test a year ago and he holds the same certification as well! He is also now involved in the board of that group as well.

Kind of cool. Congrats!

Jane (the first one)

Lynn said...

Congrats on your exam! YAY!!!

Your pictures are gorgeous. I need to get you into scrapbooking (or taking my photos for me - haah!)

Anonymous said...

No Way!! Congrats on the exam!!! I am taking courses and studying for the PMP exam too. How was it?! I am so glad to hear that you did well.

Now you are a certified P(i)MP. Hee :O) I just love saying that. My coworkers even made a sign for me that says

"PMPin' ain't easy"

Gotta love it!

Lolly said...

You have just been all over this summer~ up and down the coast. Lovely photos, and congrats on your new certification!

cindybmw2004 said...

Newport? Wow, girl....I was born and raised there. Hubby and I went home at the end of May also. Those pictures made me homesick. Glad you passed your exam and of course the sweater is gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Congratulations on passing your exam too!

Diane said...

Did you go on the Breaker's tour? We did that probably 12 yrs ago and my son who was 8 at the time asked so many obscure but interesting questions that the lady giving the tour was looking around trying to figure out where this kid's parents were. Duh, hiding in the back far from the inquisitive boy who had pushed his way to the front with his sister.

The lady did catch us on your way out and comment: you know i've been giving these tours for 20 yrs and that's the first time anyone asked if the carved doors were carved by the same company. I thought he stumped me on a couple questions.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your exams! I have so many projects that need managing...I had no idea there was an exam involved!! Now I know how you accomplish soooooo much!

These photos are wonderful! Thanks for the tour. I hope to visit Newport someday.

Anonymous said...

Wow what stunning pictures! I've never been there, but you made me feel like I was.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your site and following you along on your trips. I especially love the last trip, I grew up in Boston, lived in Rhode Island for a time and now live on the "other" coast. Seeing those pics really brings back alot of memories.

I also LOVE following you along on your knitting projects, you do such great work.

Jinann said...

Oh....I MUST go visit Newport - it's LOVELY!

Cari said...

Holy cow, some of those houses look like the set of a Jane Austen film... great photos!

And what does it say about me that at first glance I thought you were studying for your PIMP exam? Congrats on passing!