Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Hi everyone - it's been a while! Sorry I dropped off the blog for a while. I have no excuses!

Let me try to catch up!

Last week Coleen and I hit DC to take in the Smithsonian Follklife Festival.

The themes were Bhutan, Texas and NASA. Yeah - not sure how NASA is considered folk... aren't they the exact opposite of folk? I mean they use computers and space ships and stuff!!! As for Texas - I was also a bit thrown off by their displays. There was a wine making display (don't really think of wine when I think of Texas), and music and that's about it. So needless to say we spent most of the time in Bhutan. Oh and in case you don't know - Bhutan is situated in the eastern Himalayas and bordered by China and India. (I had to look too)

I could see a great deal of both Chinese and Indian influences in their art.

Bhutan's displays were beautifully ornate and rich with history.

The first thing you see when you step out of the metro and onto the Mall is an amazing recreation of a traditional Bhutanese Buddhist Lhakhang (temple).

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

After getting some of their delicious rice and chicken with chilli and cheese - we sat down to eat and watch some dancing.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Next it was on to the textile arts. Wow! Just wow. The details and colors were spectacular! We immediately honed in on some luscious silk yarn:

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

There was weaving and spinning and embroidery and every other textile art you can imagine.
Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

There was also painting in progress. Just look at the details!

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

This was one of my favorite things. I'm not 100% sure what it is - but it looks like a temple or shrine of some sort.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

The details and colors were just amazing.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Bhutan

After walking around the festival - we enjoyed some other beautiful things on the Mall. More on that later!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


maitai said...

wow, what beautiful photos! it looks like it was a great time, i'm so bummed i missed it again this year :(

Stacey said...

yeah - not quite sure where Texas or NASA fit in there with the "Folk" theme - weird....

the colors in your pictures are amazing! so vivid!

bySarah said...

that looks like such fun.
love your pics, as usual.

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

Wow., my mouth is still hanging open.... Great Pics of course :D

Stitchify said...


gnomegarden said...

wow-- great images!!
What a great day!
Thanks for showing us Jody!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Thanks for sharing. Texas (and some Texans) seems to usually think of itself as its own country. Not sure about NASA... but apparently they'll soon be invaded by Crazy Rasberry (sic) Ants, so maybe the UN will send aid.

mrspao said...

I suppose moons and stars are folky? It looks like a really interesting place to visit - I love all the beautiful colours.

Cari said...

Oh my god... the fabric! Gorgeous! And the recreated temple is amazing.