Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring has popped!

Beauty is in the air. Spring is definitely my favorite time of year. This weekend it was spectacular!

My pride and joy of my garden is my magnolia tree and she bloomed this weekend!

Magnolia tree

Just look at those blossoms!

Magnolia blossom

The magnolia wasn't the only one popping open - take a look at these beauties!

Vinka flowers

The plum tree popped open...

Plum pop!

And my parents brought me down some forsythia bushes from their yard. Can't you just imagine a whole row of these yellow flowers?


It was definitely a great welcome home view for John and I. John had surgery on Thursday to reverse his ileostomy and came home on Friday! We were both surprised and excited that he only had to spend one night in the hospital. Thanks for all the prayer and good thoughts!

Please send out some more good thoughts to my my friend Brie. She is in the hospital right now and could use some love and prayer herself. She has severe aplastic anemia. She has a new blog that she is using to keep her friends and family updated - go give her a shout!


SewKnitMama said...

Your flowers are so gorgeous! My son and I just got home from the local garden center, and I had a hard time not buying six of everything, lol. My "black thumb" and lack of good sunlight in our yard are not a good combo. :)

PeaceandLove said...

These r so pretty flowers i need pictures. They make me feel so happy and you have grass now yeah!

Trillian42 said...

Lovely flower pics! It was funny how spring finally showed up around here all of a sudden this weekend, wasn't it?

And I'm so glad John's surgery went well and that he's home already!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous! Now that our snow is gone I hope we finally get buds...I can't wait for green grass and pretty blooms.

Give my best to John as he recovers.

Anonymous said...

Your flower shots are gorgeous. I noteced that Maryland has just opened up in blooms this weekend. I was so ready. And I am glad that John is doing well. I thought of you as I passed GBMC last Thursday.

Nittany Knits said...

PeaceandLove and I noticed that you had GRASS in your front yard in one of those photos! Yeah!

We couldn't decide what our favorite flower picture is of yours because they are all so pretty.

Thanks for the shout out to my baby. She loves hearing from everyone :-)

Jenni said...

Your front yard is gorgeous! I love the magnolia tree - so pretty :)

bySarah said...

Love all your flowers!
And I surely am imagining a whole row of forsythia...cause I am about to have a whole crapload of it in my backyard.

Welcome home John, good thoughts to Brie, she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

jane said...

Those flowers are so beautiful.
I hope John makes a speedy recovery. Sounds like he's doing well already - only 1 night! :)
All good wishes to Brie as well, I'll be thinking of her & her family and friends.

Ruth said...

Yay, for only having to spend one night in hospital! So glad John's surgery went well.

Your flowers are stunning, mine garden, on the other hand is in the midst of shedding it's leaves and shutting down for the winter...

Stacey said...

Plum tree? Like with actual fruit??? So jealous!!

We are just starting to see the tips of yellow coming up on the daffodils. Flowers are a bit off yet. It does finally feel like spring though.

Glad he only had to be there one night. A nice surprise!

mrspao said...

Sending warm thoughts to you and your husband - hope he is recovering ok.

Your flower garden is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody - This time it is me! :-)

So glad to hear how well your husband is doing.

I can't wait til MDSW. Your booth sounds like it is going to be mobbed!