Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I took a bit of a break from knitting the past few days, since I'm in between big projects, and set to work on a few batches of handspun.

Maybe I was just inspired after seeing all the awesome things some people are spinning!


It's a 100% merino roving by Cyberfiber. Look at those rich beautiful colors! Mama-E knows her dye!!


I just finished a gorgeous 4 oz batt of Woolarina last night - pictures of that one after it dries. It's so pretty!

I also started a braid of Noelle's Noodles. It's still on the bobbin.

I love playing with all the different types of rovings. It's amazing how different BFL and merino and merino tencel each are. I have to spin each of them slightly differently. I'm still very new to spinning, but I still notice that the roving is forcing me to do different things with it.

Have you spun anything lately? What is your favorite type of roving? Do tell!


Stacey said...

That is beautiful!!!!!!!

bySarah said...

gorgeous! LOVE the way you spun it up!!!

mrspao said...

How beautiful :)

Shelby said...

Ooh, pretty!! I haven't spun in months! Maybe I'll pull my wheel out tomorrow!

Zonda said...

I agree! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...